Virtual Vibe - Celebrate 420 Online With Kiaro!

Admin KiaroApr 17, '20

Join us for a virtual 420 event, featuring some of our favourite cannabis brands and personalities.

Kiaro Elevates Port Moody

Aaron KumarMar 18, '20

On Friday, March 20th, Kiaro is opening its fifth Canadian location in the community of Port Moody in British Columbia. While we had planned an event for  Port Moody’s first cannabis retail store, it is clear that as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, a different approach will be required...

Grow Tech Labs and Kiaro launch ‘Cannabiz’ Workshops!

Ryan HirschOct 4, '19

FREE WORKSHOPS: GROW TECH LABS AND KIARO LAUNCH ‘CANNABIZ’ CLASSES. Grow Tech Labs has joined forces with retailer Kiaro to host three educational workshops to help accelerate businesses in the cannabis industry. The free “Cannabiz” classes are set to launch in October. 

Kiaro Vancouver Artist Series

Ryan HirschAug 21, '19

Embrace an inspired way of living with Kiaro. Cannabis offers an incredibly personal experience, one whose journey manifests uniquely in each individual. One person might wander down a quiet path of contemplation, while another hurtles into an exhilarating wonderland; another still might revel in cheerful relaxation. To celebrate the opening...