By Kiaro Cannabis

Kiaro's Visit to All Nations Cannabis: Our June Local to BC Feature

In the picturesque city of Chilliwack, British Columbia, lies All Nations Cannabis, a thriving cannabis facility that has become a symbol of Indigenous empowerment and economic development. Team Kiaro recently had the opportunity to visit this remarkable establishment. Our journey to All Nations Cannabis opened our eyes to the intersection of cultural heritage, economic growth, and the cannabis industry, as we witnessed firsthand the positive impact this venture has had on the Indigenous community and beyond.

All Nations operates on the ancestral lands of the Sto Lo (stah-low) people, who have a deep connection to the nearby Fraser River. Known as the "People of the River," the Sto Lo have a rich cultural heritage tied to the land and water. By establishing their cannabis enterprise on this territory, All Nations Cannabis honors and respects the history and traditions of the Sto Lo people.

Before the advent of All Nations Cannabis, jobs in the community were primarily focused on industries such as fishing and landscaping. The establishment of the cannabis facility has brought new opportunities for employment and economic growth to the area. By creating jobs within the community, All Nations has empowered local residents, providing them with a stable source of income and contributing to the overall prosperity of the region.

All Nations goes beyond mere economic growth; it aims to create a space where Indigenous voices are heard and celebrated. By bringing Indigenous community and sovereign stores into the licensed space, the facility acts as a platform for meaningful dialogue and consultation. Indigenous consultants play an integral role in shaping the cannabis industry, fostering a sense of pride and ownership among Indigenous people.

At the heart of All Nations is the Uncle Bob brand, which pays homage to the legacy of the grandfather of their Master Grower, Bryson. Uncle Bob, a cannabis enthusiast himself, was unfortunately incarcerated for his involvement in the cannabis industry during a time when it was illegal. Bryson was happy to share stories about growing up with the legend himself and how his grandfather had a positive impact on his life and career. By embracing the Uncle Bob brand, All Nations perpetuates the spirit of advocacy and perseverance, ensuring that the struggles faced by those who came before are never forgotten.
At All Nations Cannabis, cultivation is a labor of love. Each plant is nurtured with meticulous care, ensuring the highest quality and potency. The team's commitment to excellence is reflected in the flavors, aromas, and effects of their cannabis products. From seed to harvest, the process is infused with passion and a deep respect for the plant.

The team operates on an impressive harvesting schedule, with a full harvest occurring every nine weeks. This allows for a consistent supply of fresh cannabis products, providing customers with a reliable source of their favourite strains. Furthermore, the facility prioritizes customer satisfaction by implementing a packing system that includes specific dates for direct delivery within a week. Additionally, they strive to make wholesale products available within two weeks of packing, demonstrating their dedication to efficiency and promptness.

Team Kiaro's visit to All Nations left an indelible mark on our understanding of the cannabis industry's potential for positive change. The facility's commitment to honouring Indigenous heritage, creating jobs, and fostering meaningful conversations is commendable. 
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Thanks for having us, All Nations!