Kiaro Introduces La Ronge’s First Cannabis Store

Pilar CatalaMay 23, '19

Kiaro’s omnichannel retail strategy is designed to enhance the cannabis experience by encouraging ongoing exploration and education. Key to the strategy is the e-commerce platform, which provides consumers with access to licensed premium cannabis products and accessories across Saskatchewan.

Carson's Story

Pilar CatalaMay 3, '19

Inspired by late night walks through downtown Vancouver, Carson Ting celebrates the freedom of stepping outside the analytical mind to find answers in the humour and beauty of your surroundings.#inspireyourstory

ANNOUNCING: Kiaro gets exclusive sale of Tantalus products in Saskatoon

Deb RApr 22, '19

In the spirit of bringing you the very best VIP treatment, Kiaro has partnered with Tantalus Labs to offer our Saskatoon market exclusive products. Here's what's in store for you, Saskatoon.

420 - The Story Behind the Haze

Deb RApr 9, '19

With legalization, events are getting bigger, better and weirder. No matter the size or strangeness, 420 has come a long way, and has helped forward cannabis legalization. Kiaro is excited to see what the future holds for the celebration.