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Back To The Start

Everyone’s journey with cannabis starts from a different place. Most of us were a little bit confused, along with a dose of nervousness, or insecurity. Others started with a dose excitement, anticipation, and expectation.

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You Never Forget Your First

No matter where we started from, we all share a common factor: We’ve never forgotten our first. It’s a big part of what makes us excited to be a part of the industry, to share our experiences and to guide new customers along their first steps.

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Let's make your experience memorable

Cannabis can be a little overwhelming. The slang, the variety, the stories of 'bad trips.' It's hard to know where to start. Kiaro Pathfinders are here to shed light for you. To decode the language, explain the products and make sure you're left feeling comfortable and confident.

Questions about cannabis?

Nothing gets us more excited than talking to someone at the start of their journey. If you’re curious, confused, or nervous, we’re here to help.

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