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By Kiaro Cannabis


Introducing BZAM, where cannabis enthusiasts and aficionados alike embark on a journey to explore the extraordinary. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, BZAM is a leading Canadian cannabis producer with multiple licenses. Their focus lies in delivering branded consumer goods that prioritize innovation, quality, consistency, integrity, sustainability, and transparency. BZAM has a wide range of brands but today we are going to be talking about a few of their standout products from them and their alter ego..NESS  

Let’s jump into the world of Delicous- NESS! Ness first took over our stores with the Ninja Fruit cart and it quickly became a fan favourite for its flavour. At Ness their talented lab team utilizes cryo-ethanol extraction - creating high-THC, odorless cannabis oil for their distillates. Free from solvents, pigments, fillers, waxes, or phytol, our NESS distillate is pure. Enjoy the juicy flavors of their vape carts which feature a No Burn Technology™, that ensures a smooth and consistent puff full of flavour everytime. 

First cart we will talk about today is Grape Punch. This indica dominant hybrid strain is a delightful blend of Grape Slushie and Purple Punch. Grape Punch offers an easy inhale and a smooth flavor profile.  The high may take a bit of time to fully manifest, gradually enticing your mind mind to erase all that extra noise, but the body high truly steals the show. From your neck to your toes you’ll experience a sublime sensation as lingering aches and pains gently melt away. Grape Punch an excellent choice for that evening and bed time routine! 

Get ready to experience the delectable and euphoric sativa hybrid strain known as Key Lime. This delightful creation is a cross between Key Lime Pie and Sunset Sherbet. Prepare to be swept away by its enticing flavors and infectious effects! The Key Lime vape cart unveils a tantalizing taste reminiscent of creamy vanilla ice cream infused with a subtle hint of lime. But it doesn't stop there! As you exhale, your palate will be treated to a deliciously sweet aftertaste that lingers, leaving you craving more. Get ready to be energized and uplifted, as this strain infuses you with a contagious aura of positivity and joy. You'll find yourself wanting to be out and about, surrounded by friends and spreading your infectious vibe to everyone you meet. 

Indulge in the tropical delight of Blue Kiwi. A sensational sativa strain born from the fusion of Blue Dream and Kiwi. This cart is overflowing with fruity and sweet flavour that transports you to paradise. The zesty aftertaste of lime rejuvanates you and keeps you coming back for more.When it comes to activity pairing, Blue Kiwi is your perfect companion for those moments when you want to feel uplifted and filled with happiness. The energizing high it provides enables you to tackle tasks with gusto, accomplishing a multitude of things.   

Ok now let’s dive into the ridicoulousluy tatsty infused pre rolls by BZAM. We have two options to spotlight today and they certainley rival the infused competition. 

Blast off with BZAMs Juicy Jet Pack, an exhilarating combination of two infused pre-roll flavors that will take your taste buds on a wild ride. Packed with extra terpenes to intensify their juicy flavors, this pack features the dynamic duo of Magic Melon and Grape Gas.  They are infused with a potent 99% THCA for maximum THC potency. You’ll receive 2 x 0.5g of Magic Melon and 2 x 0.5g of Grape Gas in each pack. So what does each strain provide? 

The Magic Melon strain is renowned for its powerful euphoria, providing uplifting effects predominantly in the mind. Alongside the euphoria, Magic Melon brings relaxation, focus, energy, and stress relief to the table. Just be prepared for those typical dry eyes and dry mouth moments. Bid adieu to anxiety, stress, and depression as you embark on a journey fueled by happiness, upliftment, and pure euphoria. 

Inhale the captivating effects of Grape Gas, a strain known for its calming and focusing qualities. Consumers have reported feeling uplifted, energetic, and euphoric after smoking this delightful strain. Best enjoyed during the afternoon or early evening hours, Grape Gasoline sets the stage for a blissful journey that soothes and uplifts the spirit. 

So if you are looking for a wonderful mix and want and to juice up your pre roll game try the Bzam Juicy Jet Pack next time shop! 

Last on our roster of amazing products today is Mango Diesel Jet Pack.. 

These pre-rolls are filled with the perfect blend of whole Maui Wowie x Brooklyn Mango flower. Yropical, mango, sweet, and fruity terpenes provide a mouth watering aroma, and the added  THC distillate delivers an extra punch of potency. This exceptional creation delivers a cerebral-focused, uplifting sativa high that ignites energy and boosts productivity. Say hello to a wake-and-bake strain that promotes focus and sets the stage for a productive day. The perfect companion for daytime users seeking a spirited and invigorating experience.  

So, whether you're seeking flavorful clouds or a hassle-free smoking experience, Ness vape carts and BZAM infused pre-rolls have you covered. Indulge in the flavors, embrace the convenience, and elevate your cannabis journey with these exceptional offerings from BZAM. It's time to add a touch of flavor, fun, and convenience to your cannabis routine. Thanks for learning with me today and I will see you next time. Peace.