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Location 475 Gorge Road East, Victoria, BC V8T 2W1


Sunday - Wednesday 9:30am-9:00pm

Thursday - Saturday 9:30am-10:00pm

Phone Number (250) 361-9373


Welcome to Kiaro Weed Dispensary in Victoria, located at 475 Gorge Road East, Victoria, BC V8T 2W1 Canada, in the up-and-coming neighbourhood of Burnside. We opened this cannabis store on January 17, 2020, and are honoured to be a part of the bustling city of Victoria. 

This charming, thriving community has a unique combination of commercial energy, creativity and beauty. Each day, we are happy to open our doors and welcome in the warm, vibrant people who live here. 

Thank you for welcoming us, Victoria!

Conveniently located on the famous Gorde Street, Kiaro Weed Dispensary Burnside provides cannabis products to a large span of neighbourhoods. These include Hillside - Quadra - Downtown Blanshard, Victoria West, Downtown Victoria, Saanich, North Park, Oaklands, Fernwood, Harris Green and more. 

Beautifully situated close to the Gorge Waterway and the Upper Harbour, we are in close proximity to Topaz Park, Banfield Park and Vic West Skatepark.

Everyone’s cannabis story is different. Some are soothing like stepping into a warm bath. Others are exhilarating like the first day of vacation. Whatever your story is, we’re here to help you start living it.

We make it our mission in store to find the right product for our customers. What’s your flavour? Because we have a lot. Spicy Dill Pickle your thing? We got it. Caramel Apple Pie Chocolate? Yes, please! 

At Kiaro Weed Dispensary Burnside, our large selection includes flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals, pre-rolls, vapes, beverages, accessories, oils, capsules, sprays and extracts from Hybrid, Blend, Indica and Sativa strains. 

Providing quality cannabis products to our customers is at the core of what we do. Our THC extracts such as crumbles, live resin, diamonds, hash rosin, badder, shatter, wax and more are premium and competitively priced for your benefit.

We also carry a variety of CBD products for those looking for relief from anxiety, depression, or seizures without the euphoric effects of THC.

Customers can buy marijuana products from 114+ of the most popular cannabis brands as well as grow weed in nine provinces within Canada. 

Check out our complete cannabis menu at the Burnside dispensary location.

Kiaro actually means “light,” and our budtenders bring the “Kiaro” to our stores. 

Real marijuana customer Leonard Bennett had a lot to say about two of our staff members who provided an illuminating cannabis shopping experience:

“This was my first time in your store. Chris and Logan approached us upon arrival, so helpful and knowledgeable about all of your products. It’s wonderful to see such nice young men, really enjoying their jobs and the 2 worked so well together. It was a pleasure coming in today and I will return, hopefully I will see these young men again.”

More Kiaro Burnside dispensary shout outs to our budtenders from Spicy Udon:

“Fantastic customer service! Logan, Chris, Justin, Jason, and Valerie were all enthusiastic, sociable, helpful and knowledgeable. I went in with the intent of staying 5 minutes, and ended up spending a half hour. Bonus points for letting me bring my bike in!

Selection was quite wide, though a few items were not in stock in lower quantities (e.g. 1g) compared to the menu, but this is probably because I went on a friday evening!

Overall great experience! I will be going back!”

We hire people who love cannabis products. But it’s not to our credit — it’s to you and theirs! Our staff are incredibly passionate about this amazing industry and always excited to share their vast knowledge with our customers.

“Very sharp and clean, futuristic, almost minimalist storefront. They have a super easy to use self serve option, and a pretty wise selection of products available (edibles too!). Products that I’ve bought so far have been good for the price they’re sold at. I’ll be back here lots.” - Matt Love

“As a person who has been in the weed industry for years I can confidently say this is one of the best dispensary experiences I’ve ever had. Staff was incredibly helpful and very welcoming, the store was very clean and efficiently laid out. From start to finish it was a very positive experience, prices aren’t too bad as far as legal products go too. Will definitely be returning in the future and can’t recommend it enough!” - Jaymee King

“Great staff, super friendly. Big ups to #Sasha and Ben…. Wide variety of THC products from flowers to hash to live resin bubble edibles.” - Yakuza Blade

“I had the best experience over the phone with a gentleman who was able to help me choose a few different items that turned out perfect for me. He was very kind and knowledgeable, I really appreciated it!” - Madelaine Rostek

“This is my favorite shop in Victoria, everyone is insanely knowledgeable and friendly. The shop is well set up, I love the use of touch screens so I can browse at my own pace and see deals easier. All the workers know the products like the back of their hands and I even got free samples one day. Sometimes I find myself on the other side of town next to a shop I like but will still drive across town just to go here because I love this shop!” - Amy Villadsen

“Great place, very clean, tremendously helpful staff. Both visits were quick and got a lot of help from staff. My new go to place for weed. Menu is out of this world good, and you can order ahead of time too.” - Tina Louise Beshara

“Best dispensary I’ve ever been to, period! From the moment you walk in, all the staff greet ya with a smile! (I can tell from the eyes!) The budtenders really cater to you & recommend what you are looking for. There’s a cool computer right in store you can see all the products at & add to your cart right there. You even have the option of ordering ahead for same day pickup. It’s so clean, modern and in a great area. 10/10 ya’ll! Cheers.” - Monica Loreen Dillon

“I started shopping at this store in December and I am never disappointed and always leave smiling. As the workers are fantastic, friendly, helpful, and positive, we almost always have a little chat or joke <3 The product selection is wonderful, I have been introduced to many amazing/high quality products, as well as had many of the employees keenly teach and share. Cannot go wrong here.” - Eve Daigle

“Beautiful store, great selection of products! The staff are great and willing help if you have any questions. By far the best dispensary we've been to in Victoria.” - Brian Ringland

“On my first visit to Kiaro, I asked the bud tender what was different about it. He said the customer service. I was skeptical. There have been a lot of cannabis stores opening recently,  all that seem to be following the same business plan. Boy was I wrong. The staff here are friendly and knowledgeable, the menu screens are a great way to browse, and it’s right along the goose, which is great for biking!” - Otho Finch

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