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By Kiaro Cannabis


Today we will be talking about San Rafael. Recognized for their consistent genetics and exclusive strains, San Rafael has been recognized as a leader in Canadian grown cannabis. Their portfolio contains an array of cannabis products, but for today we will be focusing on their flower.

Before we jump into all the flower options San Raf has to offer, another great feature we want to mention is that all their flower containers are packed with a Boveda pack to ensure freshness for our consumers! A nice little addition to make the journey from production to consumers worthwhile. 

Alright, now first up in the 3.5g flower category is Farm Gas. This unique indica is a cross between GMO and Sour Diesel. Upon opening the package you can expect a strong smell of gas and earth with a nice view of some purpley hued dense nugs. While smoking Farm Gas you may experience a coughing fit, followed by a high that is unmatched to anything else. Giving you the perfect state of relaxation with a sprinkle of cerebral effects. Farm Gas is sure to help you acclimate to anything your night throws at you. Farm gas has a super earthy weed taste, so if you or are sensitive to this, well I warned ya. 

Next we have our beloved… Tangerine Dream. What is not to love about this lady? The name? Delicious sounding. The high? Impeccable. Tangerine Dream is a sativa, with THC ranging from 14% - 20%. This crafted sativa is a cross between G13 Afghani and Neville’s A5 Haze. People say that Tangerine Dream was curated for the demands of medical patients. The effects you can expect include an uplifted and energetic mood, while also decreasing any stress and pain you may have. What is so amazing about Tangerine Dream is it is a great salad mixer. You can pair this with anything to really curate your own personal experience based on your needs. I personally enjoy mixing this and a CBD flower during the day to soothe any aches and pains I may have, and to help me focus and get work done! I have also never found any other company making Tangerine Dream the way San Raf does, so she is unbeatable.  

Back to our sour flower category. I bring you, Sourdough. Not only is the bread version fantastic, so is the bud! An indica dominant strain, crossed from Sour Diesel and Cake genetics, you can expect a strong yeasty aroma with some gassy notes. When smoking Sourdough be ready for a head high first, giving you a nice euphoric ride. After a few minutes you will feel the buzz sink into your body, leaving you locked into the couch for a full on daze.  

Next we have… Stonefruit Sunset! This one of a kind bud is a cross between the classic Gelato and Fuel strains we all love. Stonefruit Sunset is considered a hybrid with notes of fruit and diesel upon opening the package. The high you can expect from this strain is a mental buzz, helping you unwind from your work day. If you are looking for a full body effect, taking a few more tokes will help you melt away into the sunset.    

Hope you are ready to be rocked by Lemon Rocket!! This is another one of a kind hybrid strain that is made from crossing Fuel and Cake genetics, delivering a desirable high that leaves you wanting more. You can definitely notice the lemon - citrus notes on this bud followed by, you guessed it, a gassy aroma!! This strain is loaded with terps making it a raved about strain. The high hits fast with Lemon Rocket, instantly transporting you to your own comedy show. Be prepared to laugh the whole day away with friends, or by yourself, whatever you want! The come down of this high continues to impress, leaving you with some creativity and focusing effects.  

Driftwood Diesel is up next, and this bud greets us with….. Are you seeing a trend here… gassy aromas!! With some undertones of skunk, earth and lemon. This classically stinky strain is made from crossing GMO and Fuel genetics. Looking at these nugs you can see nice deep purple nugs covered in trichomes. This heavy indica does what the name entails, transporting you to your own boat, allowing you to drift away into the relaxation abyss.  

Last in the flower category, is the classic indica…. Pink Kush. Did you know Pink Kush is the second most searched strain in Canada? Pink Kush has a reputation for being the most versatile strain. Producing the classic couch lock body high effects, Pink Kush is known for its adaptability in helping consumers ease pain, regulate mood and even appetite. We have Pink Kush in pre rolls too, expertly rolled with whole milled flower, a great choice to grab n go.    

Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your cannabis exploration journey, and I’ll see you again soon!