Commercial Drive

The one-and-only “The Drive.” Or as we call it: home.

Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Location: 1666 Graveley St. Vancouver, BC V5L 3A7


Sunday - Wednesday: 10am - 9pm

Thursday: 10am - 10pm

Friday - Saturday: 10am - 11pm

Phone Number:

(604) 215-9188

Dear Commercial Drive

It's an honour to be here.

With its eclectic shops, vivacious pedestrians and one-of-a-kind restaurants and cafes—not to mention Little Italy—The Drive is a dream location for Kiaro. Spread over 22 blocks in the heart of Vancouver, we are so excited to be part of the city's coolest community. Thank you, Commercial Drive, for seamlessly welcoming Kiaro to the neighbourhood. 


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