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By Kiaro Cannabis


Today we are going to be talking about a brand that had us all coming back asking for the product in the “orange packaging” - Palmetto! 

With packaging as bright as Sunny D, and a unique array of tasty strain offerings, Palmetto quickly became a fan favorite. Palmetto prides themselves in providing a consistent experience with: look, taste and smoke -  each time you open their products. Today we are going to showcase two of their strains: Lemon Royale and Platinum Cookies.

If you are looking to be kissed by citrus, look no further than the sativa dom Lemon Royale. This euphoric strain is a cross between Lemon Tree, GMO and Triangle Kush. When you crack open these colorful jars you will be welcomed with the aroma of diesel and citrus. You may notice a happy little boveda pack accompanying your buds, which is Palmetto’s way of saying, “don’t worry, I kept it fresh”. If you are looking for a boost of energy that will replace your morning coffee and more, Lemon Royale has you covered. 

The next sativa dom is Platinum Cookies. Upon opening the package, prepare to be greeted by some sticky and glistening trichomes. The smell is very much enticing with sweet and creamy notes that make you want to start baking a storm of chocolate chip cookies to share with your friends. An uplifting high when smoked, producing some instant giggles and smiles, this is a fun option to share with friends on your next social outing.

I hope you enjoyed this spotlight on Palmetto and are excited to try out Lemon Royale or Platinum Cookies. Thanks for learning with me today, and I will see you next time. Peace.