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By Kiaro Cannabis


To continue our commitment of highlighting local brands and driving awareness around craft producers, we would like to welcome to the stage - Sweetgrass Cannabis. 

Located just south from the city of Nelson BC, surrounded by the Selkirk mountains and the Kootenay Lake is where this micro cultivation takes place. Sweetgrass Cannabis is made up of passionate legacy growers that have an undying love for this plant. Sweetgrass Cannabis is organically grown with the seals of approval from the FVOPA and BCCOP. Their bud is grown in living soil, hand trimmed, slow cured and non irradiated. Are you captivated?? Do you wanna know more?! Let’s dive in to some of their products that you can pick up across our locations.

First up is the 2022 winner of the Unicorn Cup… Mint Chocolate Chip! This hybrid showstopper with 4.5% terpenes is a cross between Mystery Cookies and Green Ribbon BX.  When you open up this bag you are greeted with beautifully manicured buds, packed with sticky trichomes. A skunky smell will quickly travel through the room and upon busting it up, prepare your nose to be tickled with gassy notes. When smoking, experience a smooth inhale leaving you with a minty herbal exhale. The high on this bud is substantial - leaving smokers with almost a 2 hour trip. A nice body and head high that is not too overwhelming. If you can only try one strain from Sweetgrass I would highly recommend this power player!

Next is Crunch Berries! This is an indica dom hybrid containing 5-6% terpenes. This is a cross between Triple OG and Blueberry. Crunch Berry is ready to gently smack your face with a bouquet of fruit, leaving you reminiscing about cereal that cuts the top of your mouth open. Busting it up, the flower remains fluffy and the aroma continues to develop offering nutty and creamy notes. The exhale is exquisite with notes of pine - shooting you into euphoria with a nice happy barrage of body tingles and relaxation. No heavy come down or couch lock with this versatile strain so you can incorporate this as you see fit.

Hope you are ready for this BDE…BIG DETROIT ENERGY! Sweetgrass has been working quietly creating this masterpiece. This sativa leaning hybrid is a cross between Mandarin Cookies and Lilac Diesel #22. Terpene content ranges from 2-3% with an earthy and spicy aroma. Smoking this bad sally provides a euphoric head high with a nice sensation of energizing sparks roaming through your body. Enjoy this to complete those tasks you have lined up or to relax your day away.

Sweetgrass has built an amazing rapport within the cannabis community and is showing us cannabis lovers just how amazing BC bud is. I hope you enjoyed this spotlight on Sweetgrass Cannabis and are excited to try some of their amazing products.