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By Kiaro Cannabis


Hycycle is a brand built with purpose. From the distillation process to the impact and shatter resistant carts - Hycycle brings you a no beeswax approach to a quality product. Their 1g carts are crafted with naturally sourced botanical terpenes and cannabis terpenes ensuring an authentic experience with each puff. Let’s take a look at some of these vapes.

Here to bring the sunshine is Hycycle Sativa - Lemon Riot vape cart. This productivity driven strain is the perfect option for those looking to give their brain a nice tingly hug that sparks their inner ‘lets get er done’ mentality. With each citrusy and slightly herbal pull from this vape cart you can continue on your journey with a sense of wellbeing and happiness cheering you on.

For the 50/50 people out there we have the Hycycle Hybrid - Mac 1 vape cart. Mac 1 is a really amazing strain that checks all the boxes for me. Providing you a euphoric and energizing feeling while also showing us it's more caring side of easing your mind and body into a state of relaxation. With each pull I found it to have a herbaly and minty aftertaste which supported my lift in mood and bliss. This versatile strain is sure to fit your needs day or night.

Sidling into the Hycycle party is the Indica - Wappa vape cart. This lovely indica is a creeper that slowly entices your mind to get creative, which is perfect if you love a little reflection time with yourself or the universe. After about 15 minutes you will start to feel the body effects take place. The heavy sedative feeling is a favorite for lovers of the Wappa strain as anxiety and pain are quickly numbed out and replaced with a sense of calm.

A limited offer from Hycycle is the ACE Passion #1 vape cart. The ACE stands for All Cannabis Experience - meaning Hycycle is providing you ALL the cannabis terpenes that is found in the Passion #1 strain.This indica dom teleports consumers into a meditative state of mind with an uplift in mood while delivering a gentle body buzz. Enjoy this all cannabis experience to finally finish that puzzle or beat that final boss in Link's Awakening.

If you are a consumer who loves the no taste no smell aspect - Hycycle has the RAW cart. This is an odorless, tasteless, pure THC distillate cart with no fluff added. Just that pure distillate that will immediately shoot you into outer space. Sitting between a THC range of 85-92 - consumers are sure to enjoy their spaceship ride.