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By Kiaro Cannabis

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Hash Bats by Good Supply

Good Supply is one of Canada’s leading cannabis companies. Taking the industry by storm with their concentrate and pre roll category - which is what we will be covering today. Welcome Jean Guy and Starwalker Kush Hash Bats. What goes into a Hash Bat? Milled flower and powdered hash. Why a Hash Bat? Good Supply stands behind delivering an -”elevated, uncompromising smoking experience with a 5% higher potency than regular pre rolls”. Now let’s talk a bit about the strains.

This is for our sativa lovers out there - Jean Guy. Hailing from Canada, this sativa dom strain gives smokers a cerebral high for that daytime toke. Energizing and uplifting you’ll be itching to get some projects done -albeit all at once because your thought process may be a bit frenzied. Top terpenes for this batch are caryophyllene (carry-oh-fi-leen),guaiol (gwai-ol), and limonene (lime-on-ene) giving us notes of herbal and citrus. Add these Jean Guy Hash bats to your morning routine to feel revitalized!

For our indica people out there - Starwalker Kush. With a lineage from OG Kush and Skywalker this heavy hitter is a creeper - but in the best way. Slowly relaxing your mind and body and putting you in that beautiful deep body buzz. Lovers of this strain have said it provides great relief for any chronic pain, insomnia or anxiety. This strain additionally aids individuals who are looking to increase their appetite - as food looks even better with the clouds of Starwalker Kush in the air. Top terpenes in this batch are caryophyllene (carry-oh-fi-leen), pinene (pi-neen), and nerolidol (neroli-dol) giving us notes of the great outdoors with pine and earth scents. The next time you need some max chill - the Starwalker Kush Hash Bats will be your best friend.

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