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By Kiaro Cannabis


The company we are highlighting today is the Valens Company and their "Versus" ounce line. These ounces are designed to offer consumers a high-quality cannabis flower experience with a focus on consistency, potency, and flavour. 

The Versus Ounces offer consumers a range of cannabis strains that have been carefully selected and grown by experienced cultivators. The flower in these bags is harvested, dried, and cured using specialized techniques to preserve the natural flavours and aromas of the plant. The bud is tested to ensure that it meets strict quality standards and potency levels. This allows consumers to have confidence in the quality of the product they are purchasing, and to enjoy a consistent experience every time they use it. 

 Now let's take a a look at some of the stain offerings for the Versus ounces. 

BC God Bud: This is an indica dom strain that is believed to have originated right here in BC!  It has a sweet, earthy aroma and flavour, with notes of berry and citrus. This strain is known for providing a strong, sedative body high that can be relaxing and uplifting. Prepare for your body to be tingling in goosebumps and your mind to become hazy with happiness seeping in to your mind. BC God Bud is a popular choice for those looking to see some relief from stress, pain and insomnia. 

Super Lemon Haze: a wonderful is a sativa dom strain that is known for its uplifting and energetic effects. It is a cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze and has a citrusy, lemony flavour. This strain is often used to boost creativity and productivity, as well as to combat stress, anxiety, and depression. If you are looking for an ounce to keep you your mind and body moving and grooving during the daytime, Super Lemon Haze has your back. 

BC Purple Kush: this is an indica-dom strain. It is believed to have originated from the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan and was then brought to BC where it was further developed and bred. This strain is known for its distinct purple colouring! BC Purple Kush has a sweet, fruity aroma and flavour, with earthy undertones.  BC Purple Kush provides a strong body high that can be very sedating and relaxing for those tough days we all experience once in a while. Along with the heavy concrete body limbs you may have while riding this high, euphoria will gently tug your mind along to keep you happy and high for your chill session. 

I hope you enjoyed this spotlight on these jam packed Versus Ounce option! BC Purple Kush definitely piqued my interest today. Thanks for hanging out with me today, and I will see you next time. Peace.