By Kiaro Cannabis

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Greybeard Resin Vape Carts

We have a tasty and convenient product to talk about today! The drool worthy Live Resin carts from Greyebard! 


With wealth of generational knowledge, Greybeard prides themselves in delivering an elevated cannabis experience. They stand behind doing things the “right” way, not the easy way. Greybeard celebrates the journey cannabis has made from legacy to legal and are excited to continue making products that wow customers with their unmatched quality. 


Greybeard’s 100% pure Live Resin Vape Cartridges start from fresh-frozen cannabis grown outdoors in Simcoe, Ontario. These lovely plants are sun grown and nurtured till maturity to which they are then hand harvested and flash frozen! This allows the delectable intense flavours and cannabinoids inside the plant to be locked in. Each cultivar is then extracted through a refined-hydrocarbon process to produce an incredibly flavourful product, before being activated for longevity and filled in the industry-leading, AVD cartridges. Now let's take a look at a few of the strains Greybeard has to offer. 



Kish Live Resin  - A yummy Shishkaberry strain, with tasty notes of blueberry when you do a dry pull. Upon smoking you can expect an earthy aftertaste. The buzz with this strain is one to have you coming back for more. Pleasant tingles will slowly start to make their way through your body. Your cheeks will warm and your head will have a misty lightweight fog gently guiding you to take a load off and relax.  

Alien Zour Zmoothie Live Resin - A fun name for a fun high. Tasting of floral pine and spice, this flavourful profile is the perfect match for those social activities. A carefree attitude will wash over you with highs of euphoria. Cerebral effects will take place, enlightening your mind and encouraging your inner social butterfly to come out. 


BMOG Live Resin - Banana Milkshake OG! Can this name get any better. Considered a balanced hybrid, this woodsy and earthy strain leaves consumers in a state of bliss. Subtle cerebral effects will creep their way though this high leaving your mind clear and alert even as your body continues to sink into a relaxed state. The perfect everyday toke. 


Occasionally vape carts clog so I thought I should share some best practices to keep carts at their best. 

  1. Ensure you are leaving your cart upright when not smoking and keep it in a room temperature area.  
  1. Try to have a pre heat battery, as this can help unclog anything in the mouthpiece. 
  1. Continue inhaling for 2-3 seconds after you let go of the fire button. This ensures all the excess smoke will not solidify in the mouthpiece! 


I hope you enjoyed this spotlight on the amazing Greybeard Live Resin carts! These tasty offerings have been a staple in our locations and they are sure to wow you. Thanks for learning with me today, and I will see you next time. Peace.