By Nicole Heichert


We have an exciting brand to cover today. Knocking our socks off with their beastly and beautiful 1.2g vape carts… BoxHot!!

BoxHot came in full force, making a name for themselves by having the biggest vape in Canada. That is right - 1000mg of THC! BoxHot’s distillate and live resin is crafted on-site with their very own team! They use a high-quality CO2 Extraction method, with double filtration, and double distillation -  creating a pure, clean vaping experience! Let’s take a look at some of the options we have available here in BC!

Alien OG is first on our list. A cross between Tahoe OG and Alien Kush, this green hybrid monster will beam you up into a mountain dew spaceship, surrounding you with flavours of citrus and diesel. The effects of this strain will provide consumers with a nice cerebral buzz making you feel like all your tasks for the day are side quests in a video game. Puffing a few more times can tip the scales into a more intense body high making your limbs turn to putty, perfect for that evening chill fest.

Next we have the ever so sweet - Peach OG. This botanical beauty is a cross between    , Eddy OG and Peach OG. Before you even open the package you can smell the sweet candy enticing you in. This tasty sativa strain will provide consumers with an energetic lift in mood allowing you to focus on projects or get creative with your next art endeavor. With subtle body relaxing effects, the happy go lucky vibes from this cart will keep you smiling all day. 

Cherry Kush greets us next. Honestly this cart tastes like the cherry chapstick I adamantly carried around in my high school days - and I love it! This indica strain is a cross between Purple Afghani and OG Kush, which is where that nice woodsy and earth aftertaste comes into play. I feel this in my eyes first, but then the non stop giggles happen. I like to enjoy this with a small group of friends because the conversations are outlandish since your thoughts will disappear mid sentence. 

Let's melt into your couch with Couch Lock Kush. This sandman in a vape is a 2:1 THC and CBN ratio. With the current ones we have in store you are looking at 55% THC and a whopping 27% of CBN! If you remember, CBN is often referred to as the “sleepytime” cannabinoid. When paired with THC it offers a lovely sedative effect. When smoking this the flavours reminded me of blueberries and grapes which is like a nighttime treat of fruity goodness. Enjoy this before bed to put your body in a dreamlike state till the morning.

Hawaiian Sativa Live Resin Cart finishes with us today.  This hydrocarbon vape offers a true-to-flower cannabis experience using sauce that’s been meticulously extracted from fresh frozen flower to provide a drool worthy sweet and tropical flavour. First thing I noticed when I smoked this was how smooth the inhale was, each pull  left my throat happy with no coughing in sight.. The effects provide a light cerebral high, giving your head some nice sparks of joy to keep the day gliding along.

I hope you enjoyed this spotlight on the amazing BoxHot vapes, and I hope you found one that interested you!. Thanks for learning with me today, and I will see you next time. Peace.