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White Fire Funk - 3.5g

White Fire Funk - 3.5g

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Get ready for the gassiest Dunn Cannabis drop to date. White Fire Funk is a balanced, high-THC hybrid with White Fire OG and ClusterFunk lineage. This true legacy strain boasts frosty buds with hues of purple, orange, and blue, plus a strong, gassy aroma with a flavour profile dominated by Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene terpenes. Since it's from their exclusive catalogue of rare genetics, you won't find this unique cultivar from anyone but Dunn.

  • Information Detail
  • Type Flower
  • Strain Hybrid
  • Size 3.5g
  • THC 23.7%
  • CBD 0-1%
  • Origin Abbotsford BC