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  • Black Apple Hitchcock - 7 x 0.5g
  • Black Apple Hitchcock - 7 x 0.5g

Black Apple Hitchcock - 7 x 0.5g

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This remarkable gem is from an exclusive collection of rare genetics. This high-potency hybrid is a testament to Dunn Cannabis’s relentless pursuit of excellence. Through the meticulous crossing of Grape OG and Sour Apple IBL, Dunn Cannabis has created a cultivar that entices the senses with its enchanting blend of sweet apple and earthy flavors. With just a hint of grape, this strain offers a grassy aroma that delights the nostrils. Indulge in the giggly sensations that Black Apple Hitchcock evokes, as laughter bubbles up from within, spreading infectious joy. Feel the tingly sensations that dance across your body, adding an extra layer of delightful euphoria to the experience. Choose Black Apple Hitchcock for your next social outing or fun in the sun!