By Kiaro Cannabis

New to Cannabis: CBN & CBG Spotlight

Today we will be talking about new cannabinoids that have entered the market! Welcome to the stage, CBG and CBN!  To highlight these new cannabinoids, head into your local Kiaro from Jan 27th- Jan29th! We are offering our members 20% off select items from brands such as Pearls, Monjour and Medipharm so you can try out these amazing products.


Interested in learning more? Lets dive in

The Sugar Coated Pearls by Grön (grewn) is a relatively new item in our stores. They originally started in Portland Oregon and have made their way into Canada! Grön (grewn) is a women led group of visionaries founded in 2015. What started as a chocolate bar has now evolved into multiple brand lines of delicious edibles. You can find a variety of ratios with CBD, CBN, CBG and of course THC, which allow you to tailor your cannabis experience. Pearls are gluten free, gelatin based and bursting with a wide range of flavours that tastebuds are sure to enjoy.

First flavor we will delve into today is the Blackberry Lemonade 1:1:1! A triple balanced ratio. With 5 gummies in the container, each sugar coated Pearl will contain 2mg of THC, 2mg of CBD, and 2mg of CBN. If you are not familiar with CBN, it is an alternative cannabinoid that is formed when THC ages and breaks down. People often use CBN as it has great sedative properties especially when paired with THC. Enjoy these pearls to help improve sleep, aid in reducing anxiety or even to uplift your mood so you can ease off into dreamland.

Prepare to be dazzled with Blue Razzleberry!! These sugar coated pearls are in a 3:1 ratio of CBG to THC. Each pearl contains 6mg of CBG and 2mg of THC!  Now CBG has been called the “magic” cannabinoid. It is known as non intoxicating, but when paired with THC this powerful compound will revitalize mood, aid in pain relief, support focus plus much more! This versatile high can be enjoyed during the day to bring some sunshine and productivity to your life, or if you want to have a social night out with friends!

Get your weighted blanket and tv’s ready for the ultimate cozy fest. Pearls Pomegranate has entered the chat with a 4:1 ratio of CBD and THC. Each pearl contains 8mg of CBD and 2mg of THC allowing you to expertly cater your cozy wind down experience. When THC and CBD are combined they offer a myriad of benefits that promote relaxation and pain relief in mind and body.

Next up is the 4:1 Strawberry Melon! This is a CBN and THC only combo and  each pearl will contain 8mg of CBN and 2mg of THC. As we said before, CBN combined with THC can have great sedative effects. Reviews of this particular ratio of CBN to THC has shown that consumers who suffer from consistent sleep problems, whether that be falling asleep or staying asleep, are able to see an improvement with rest, leading to increased energy for the next day. As mentioned before, CBN also aids in pain relief, most notably inflammation!

Enter the world of Wellness with our next brand… Monjour! If you are looking for a hefty multipack, Monjour is here for you. They have a variety of edibles to choose from, but today we will be reviewing two of their Monjour BARE products. This particular line up still remains vegan, but with the added fun of being sugar free, so yes, no sugar coating on these pectin based bad boys.

First up is Twilight Tranquility! Each jar contains 25 edibles, with each edible containing 5mg of CBG, 5mg of CBN and 20mg of CBD! Enjoy these edibles when you want to take a moment to yourself to soothe out the chaos of our everyday lives. These come in a delicious pear plum and lavender combination that gives your mouth a sweet pallet of bliss.

If you are just looking for a simple CBD only option, Monjour brings you Orchard Medley. Each container holds 30 edibles, and each gummy contains 30mg of CBD! With this large multipack you also have the wonderful ability to have a different flavour each time you pop one in your mouth! Choose from black cherry, peach and apple to brighten up your day. These are perfect to enjoy when you want to spoil yourself to a “me” moment. 

Let’s hop on over to some of our tinctures from Medipharm. MediPharm specializes in the production and manufacturing of purified, high-quality Cannabinoid (canna-bin-oid) based derivatives and pharmaceutical ingredients. Driven by research, and fueled by innovation, Medipharm’s goal is to be the most trusted global leader in cannabinoid (canna-bin-oid) derivatives.

Lets dive into their CBG:CBD 1 to 2 Formula. This ratio can be broken down as 10mg of CBG and 20mg of CBD per 1ml. Packed with a 1ml syringe for consistent dosing and formulated with their coconut/palm-based MCT carrier oil, this is a well loved product for its versatility. CBG has been shown to help with stress and pain relief, regulation of mood and helps enhance motivation and pleasure. Both CBG and CBD are considered to be non psychoactive, and most consumers enjoy taking this in the morning to get their day started.

Moving on to Medipharm’s CBN 1 to 2 Nighttime formula.This ratio of 1 to 2 means there is 10mg of CBN and 20mg of THC per 1ml. Packaged similar to its siblings, in a glass amber bottle with a 1ml syringe, and using the coconut/palm-based MCT carrier oil, this is the sandman in a bottle. Medipharm states that studies show a 2 to 1  ratio of CBN and THC such as this product, is the most effective at providing sedative effects, allowing a full REM cycle. Leaving you feeling rested and refreshed. 

Last on our list today is the Medipharm CBN:CBD 1 to 2 Relax Formula. This ratio can be broken down as 10mg of CBN and 20mg of CBD per 1ml. Packed with the lovely 1ml syringe and in a glass amber bottle, formulated with their coconut/palm-based MCT carrier oil. This is the perfect option for the ‘no thc’ crowd. CBN is 1/10th as psychoactive as THC but offers 100% of the benefits. The Relax Formula is a great day or night option or something to incorporate with other cannabis products to augment your experience

That wraps up our New to Cannabis! With all these new cannabinoids coming into the market it can get quite overwhelming to choose a product that's right for you. We hope to provide you with the right information, to empower you, as you explore the right products for your own cannabis journey. Until next time. Peace.