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By Kiaro Cannabis


We wanted to do something different for the start of the year.  From January 13th - February 2nd, your local Kiaro stores will be highlighting some BC grown cannabis at an exclusive member only price point. We want to focus on BC Brands because… BC Bud is the Best Bud!

What brands you may ask?...

First  we will be talking about a company that had their first product launch in BC sell out in one day! BLKMKT (BLACK MARKET). Are you always on a search for the next best smoke? Well BLKMKT is for you. They focus on finding rare strains and delivering quality products, perfect for the cannabis connoisseurs. Each time you open their glass jars you can expect a solid nug with trichomes shining up at you. Every detail matters to BLKMKT. With a team of passionate and dedicated individuals you will be blown away by the products they have to offer.

Next company we have to introduce is JR Strains. Grown in the Kootenays with a meticulous master grower, J.R Strains has a commitment to making superb cannabis that you can savor with every toke. J.R Strains uses aeroponic growing methods and the best of the best LED lights which allow for a clean smoke. No pesticides, no irradiation, just pure clean cannabis. From legacy grow to legal, J.R Strains is here to prove they are the top buds.

Located in the Land of the Sun, Pure SunFarms' growing history goes back about 25 years, when they were growing things like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers before they eventually made the switch to cannabis. Farming is at their core and the team they have built mixes their greenhouse expertise with core legacy values and experience. Pure Sunfarms is all about connecting with your roots, staying true to quality and care by putting people and plants first. Pure Sunfarms uses a high tech, sun filled green room, using cutting edge state of the art technology, Pure Sunfarms is able to fine tune their cannabis cultivation with precision and care, leaving you with a farm to table product you can always count on.

Producing premium flower from Vancouver Island is Sitka Weedworks! In 2018 they became the first property in BC to be officially zoned for cannabis cultivation! Priding themselves in producing highly sought after cultivars, Sitka is Canada’s one and only commercial micro-cultivator park. This means that individual growers have their own customized unit to grow premium craft flower. This allows top talent to take their steps into the cannabis world!

Next on the roster of BC Bud, located in the Creston Valley of the Kootenays, Qwest Cannabis. Qwest meticulously handpicks bud, hang dries, hand trims and even hand twists! As you can see Qwest has a hands on approach throughout the entire process to ensure a high quality experience for their consumers. 

As you can see we have some big shots highlighted for this month. Our goal is to introduce our members to some amazing BC brands and show some cannabis love to our beautiful province. Thanks for learning with me today, and I will see you next time.