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Serving Vancouver cannabis consumers with premium legal recreational cannabis

Vancouver Coal Harbour
Vancouver False Creek

Kiaro is a premium recreational cannabis retailer focused on providing the absolute best cannabis in Vancouver

Our store located in Vancouver (1316 Kingsway) provides our customers with a stylish, comfortable , clean and safe environment to purchase cannabis legally.

Kiaro Vancouver

If you are in Vancouver, you should consider checking out our location at 1316 Kingsway.

Our stylish, comfortable, clean, convenient locations are specially designed to provide you with the best shopping experience possible while also offering the lowest prices of any legal retailer in Vancouver.

Kiaro’s products are specially chosen to the best of any available in the province at the lowest price of any legal retailer.

Our team curates a premium selection of amazing products from Canada’s premier producers and growers. We select our products carefully, evaluating them based on quality, stringent reviews and of course value for our customers. You can be sure that each and every product from Kiaro is of the best quality and will satisfy even the most discerning of "cannaseurs".

So come visit us and learn what product is best for you, and browse the large selection of legal cannabis products and amazing accessories.

Kiaro Vancouver