Retail Strategy

Kiaro Retail Strategy

Highly Curated Supply

Product selection focused on our key demographics to deliver the best quality for our customers.

High Impact Locations

Refined location selection process focused on transit corridors, high visibility and strong walk scores.

Best-in-Class Technology

Performance management based on advanced retail metrics with a seamless omni-channel shopping experience powered by top retail technology vendors.

Our Experience

Best-in-class training for cannabis consultants, who are welcoming and knowledgeable without overwhelming new cannabis consumers and providing engaging events and educational resources.

Who we are

Promoting the Cannabis Act & Licensing Regulations

Kiaro is committed to ensuring our retail cannabis stores not only meet but exceed the regulations set by the federal government, provinces and municipalities.

Licensed in two provinces

Kiaro has passed the licensing process in two of the strictest provinces, and in the process of expanding its retail footprint across Canada


Kiaro has two retail locations in Saskatchewan. Kiaro Riversdale opened in Saskatoon in January 2019 and Kiaro La Ronge opened in La Ronge in May 2019

British Columbia

Kiaro's Vancouver flagship store opened in August 2019 and there are currently 5 more stores in the licensing process

Our Experience

Kiaro offers Best-in-class training for cannabis consultants who are welcoming and knowledgeable without overwhelming new cannabis consumers

For more information, contact:

Nathan Hawkins

Real Estate Analyst / 514.632.9933


Eleanor Lynch

Senior Vice President, Operations / 778.708.6403