What is the legal age to purchase or consume cannabis in Saskatchewan?

The legal age to purchase and/or consume cannabis in Saskatchewan is 19 years of age

What is the possession limit for Saskatchewan?

The limit to carry on a person in public is 30 grams

Where will cannabis be sold in Saskatchewan when it becomes legal?

Cannabis will be sold only through private retailers and online by private cannabis retailers that is regulated by the Saskatchewan Gaming and Liquor Authority

What are the rules in regards to cannabis and driving or operating a motor vehicle?

The province of Saskatchewan has a 0 tolerance policy when it comes to cannabis and the operation of any motor vehicle. In addition, consumption by a driver or a passenger is strictly prohibited

What are the rules around growing at home or for personal use?

There is a four plant maximum per household. Renters or condo owners can only grow cannabis if their landlords and/or condo boards allow for it

Is there anywhere in public that I can consume cannabis in Saskatchewan?

No, consuming cannabis in public places is prohibited to help protect public health

Am I able to travel in Canada from Saskatchewan with cannabis on me?

Provinces and territories have different rules about cannabis use and age limits, be sure to do your research before leaving Saskatchewan