Cookie cutters are for edibles, not retail stores

That’s why we strive to actively engage with local stakeholders, businesses, organizations and residents whenever we join a new community. Our neighbours help make sure we fit in at the same time that we stand out.

One of our rituals is to collaborate with local artists on our shop artwork. Our talented neighbours help give our brand a distinctive local flair.

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Kiaro’s Communities

Building inviting, responsible and compliant cannabis retail stores through community collaboration

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Cannabis Communities

Consumers + Industry Advocacy

We work with consumers, cannabis groups and all levels of government to help improve regulations to provide better information, education, products and experiences to our consumers. Our products are curated to appeal to each of our customers: from the canna-curious looking for something new and easy to use, to the trendsetter searching for a unique experience, to the connaisseurs looking for a knowledgeable and meaningful experience from their local shop.

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Our Neighbours

Residents + Businesses

We work alongside our local community stakeholders to ensure Kiaro is making meaningful contributions to the locations we call home. Not only do we work with industry groups and local chambers of commerce, but we’re committed to the health and safety of our neighbours. We’re proud to give back to our community through donations to local charities, campaigns and improvement projects.

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Team Kiaro

Our invaluable workers

We believe in putting people first. After all, a knowledgeable, well-trained and community-minded staff is paramount to providing consumers an elevated shopping experience. We invest heavily into the ongoing professional development of our employees, and love to celebrate their community leadership and volunteer efforts.

Interested in joining our community of professionals? Check out our career page for opportunities to join Team Kiaro.