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Nothing makes us more excited than getting the chance to introduce people to cannabis for the first time – The Right Way.

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What is the Right Way?

When it comes to cannabis, it’s one-size-fits-one. Each journey is fuelled by a different motivation or inspiration. At its core, the Right Way is the path that leaves you feeling informed, comfortable and in control. Kiaro Pathfinders boost confidence and knowledge to help guide the way.

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Cannabis Confusion

We understand—it’s a lot. The cannabis world is full of opinions, products and terms. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Keep intimidation at bay knowing you can ask us anything. At all. Our Pathfinders are here to shine light on the ins and outs of cannabis, and we promise to stay focused on what’s right for you.

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All A.K.A. Sessions Are:

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Let's get warmed up. Common questions, asked and answered.

Q: What is an A.K.A?

A: An A.K.A (Short for Ask Kiaro Anything) is a personal cannabis visit with an expert on our team. They will be able to answer any question you have, provide personalized product recommendations, and even tell you about what’s new and around the corner!

Q: Why should you talk to our budtenders?

A: At Kiaro, we take cannabis knowledge seriously. We get educated by our vendors, our leaders, subject matter experts (internal AND external). Cannabis is our passion. So we’re not only committed to learning, but also excited to share what we know, and answer your questions!

Q: How do I make an appointment?

A: It’s simple! Visit (link). You’ll be asked to select a store that works best for you, and a time that suits your schedule. From there, we will ask you a few questions to get to know you better and prepare for your visit! You’ll get a notification when your appointment is booked, and a reminder a day before your appointment.

Don’t worry. We never share your personal information. The details of your visit are not shared with anyone other than the budtender who will be guiding you through.

Q: What exactly happens during an AKA?

A: We’re glad you asked! You’ll be greeted by one of the budtenders who has specific and in depth knowledge about your areas of concern. (Don’t forget to fill out your questions online before you finish booking, to make the most out of your experience!)

From there, we will dive right into it. Imagine chatting with a friend about anything and everything cannabis related. No question is off limits. We’ll talk you through your first experience, the different options available to you, and when to take which! Based on your conversation, we will make some product recommendations, specifically for you!

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