Welcome to Our Community!

Welcome to Our Community!

Admin KiaroMar 5, '21

Imagine a cannabis experience so custom-tailored to your preferences that you’re on a first name basis with the staff at your local Kiaro store. You’re the first to know when we launch something new. You get the inside scoop on the exciting store updates. AND, your shopping experience, right down to the products you hear about, is custom made, just for you. 

Have we got your attention?

Are you thinking to yourself, this sounds good and all, but what’s the catch?

Here’s the answer: nothing. And here’s why.

Yes, cannabis has been around for decades. But, access to it only became legalized a few years ago. The great thing about legalization is that cannabis has been on a growing (innovation) journey. And while having options is great, it can also make your shopping experience a bit confusing. How do you know which one is the right product for you? What if you liked a certain product, and want to try something else that’s similar? When the industry is moving this fast, how do you even find out when something new shows up that you might actually like? Not just that, but how do you get your hands on it before it’s gone?

Let us introduce you to MyKiaro. Our membership program was created to connect you to cannabis in a way that hasn’t been done before. The membership program, which is free to join, takes the guesswork out of creating a personal, elevated cannabis experience that features only the things you love. Are you ready for an elevated experience?

We are committed to making your cannabis journey an enjoyable one. And we understand that getting to the store and finding the right products are an important part of that that are often an afterthought in a cannabis store.

Why should you sign up?

  • We’ll send you a message when your product is in stock. 
  • If there’s something new, you’ll receive a text from your local store, so you can reserve it online right away and pick it up at your favorite store when it’s convenient for you.
  • Our Kiaro Cannabis Consultants will check in to make sure the product you purchased met your expectations.
  • Have questions? We’ll send you a link to our newly launched Ask Kiaro Anything platform, right to your phone, so you can book a consultation with a Kiaro Pathfinder. Our pathfinders will also share some tips, news, and resources that you will find useful, all based on what you’ve purchased so far, and what you’ve told us you are interested in. 

The legalization of cannabis—and the continued rollout of new and innovative cannabis products—has been and will be a long journey. But it’s a journey worth celebrating. MyKiaro is our way of celebrating that journey with you, every step of the way. 

Whether you’re new to cannabis, or you’re an enthusiast, you’re welcome here. 

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