WeedMe Pre-Roll Spotlight

WeedMe Pre-Roll Spotlight

Admin KiaroNov 4, '22

Today we will be talking about a company that continues to break barriers and puts accessibility first, Weed Me!

Now If you remember back in our first unit of Higher Learning, Weed Me was actually one of the first companies we ever featured with their Diamond District Pre Rolls! We talked about their commitment to quality cannabis, and their unstoppable passion and energy for consumers! This time around we’ll be covering their regular flower pre rolls. With sky high THC levels and an insane selection of strains, Weed Me, in my opinion, is leading the pre roll market in BC! We’ve got 12 different strains to go over so lets jump right in. 

We’ll kick off our sesh with 3 sativa strains for all you peppy go getters out there starting with the Lemon Z! Hailing from two well known icons, Lemon Z is made by crossing Las Vegas Lemon and Zkittles! In addition to this strains immaculate sour lemon flavour and kick in the palette tartness, Lemon Z actually won the High Life Cup for best sativa in 2018 making it a must have pre roll for your daily activities!

Next up is Inzane in the Membrane, and boy is she crazy. Coming from two unknown parents, this strain boasts  scents of lime, citrus, and savoury diesel. If you're someone looking for a clear headed social high, or a great wake n bake strain, this one is for you!

Dark Shadow Haze closes out our sativa selection today, which is made by crossing Nevils Wreck and the delectable Grape Ape. This skunky sativa is creative at heart, leaving you focused on your extended thoughts and feeling more introspective than usual.

Crystal Ball Kush is where we start our Indica journey, and this one is cool because it comes from an Afghani Landrace genetic. For those of you new to the term, a “Landrace” strain refers to a cannabis plant who’s genetics haven’t been changed for a millennia. These strains are typically found in specific regions of the world where they have developed in harsher climates over years and years. Simply put, Landrace strains are where you want to go for guaranteed effects and potency. This station smokes best at night, leaving you feeling heavy, relaxed, calm, and sleepy.

Powdered Donuts fits the bill for all you snacky stoners out there. Made by crossing Orange Cookies and Jet Fuel Gelato, this gassy citrusy strain can provide intense effects. In my personal experience I’ve had this strain turn me into a cement block, frozen in time and providing me the deepest sleep I’ve ever had. Other people report feeling a mild head buzz or fog while experiencing slight sedation, while others find it quite dreamy and excellent for stimulating your appetite!

Dive into the many delicious and complex layers of Wedding Cake! Made by crossing household fave Girl Scout Cookies and one of my all time obsessions Cherry Pie, this strain carries a sweet flavour with hints of berry. Mainly used for relaxation and uplifting effects, euphoria and laughs await you when you spark this one up!

Darkest Side of the Moon carries a unique and rare genetic line, hailing from 2 quite uncommon parents, Spirit in the Sky and Green Ribbon BX. Inspired by the iconic Pink Floyd album, fans will know that this title speaks more in reference to lunacy than actual space. That being said, this strain is definitely more suited for experienced tokers. Ones who don’t mind the little voices in their head becoming louder than usual and have a lot of time to spare for self reflection. This strain creeps in slow, taking as long as 15-20 minutes to fully kick it in after you smoke.

Garlic Jelly closes out our Indica selection, and while the name sounds a little funky, we can promise you it’s delicious. Coming from Jelly Breath and GMO, Garlic Jelly (or JMO) comes with a sweet coating of the mouth and throat with spicy  notes. People say this strain leaves you feeling zen and relaxed, perfect for a dinner and movie night in,

Golden Pineapple is close to our hearts when we’re talking about hybrids, and we have awesome parents Pineapple Kush and Golden Goat to thank for that. A balanced hybrid with a nice boost of energy, you can expect to feel peppy and upbeat without feeling any of the burnout on your come down! Backed by our own wonderful budtender Carol, she’ll tell you Golden Pineapple is some of the best weed she’s ever toked on in her many years of consumption!

Platinum Cookies is our next fun one, and she hits hard. Made by crossing Durban Poison, OG  Kush, and an unknown phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies, you’ll experience the genetic holy trinity in this pre roll. With parents so potent and with such stable genetics, you’ll be provided with a spacey, day dreamy, distracting and uplifting high. Make sure you set up your chill area before you smoke this one, otherwise you might find yourself making lots of trips back and forth for little things you’ve forgotten.

And last but certainly never least, we have the iconic, Tutti Fruitti! This earth shattering strain comes from 5 genetic masterpieces; Blue Haze, Green Haze, Thai, Sour Diesel, and Diesel Ryder. While I consider this strain fun and perfect for literally any time of the day, a wake n bake with this infinity gauntlet of a joint makes for an immaculate start to your morning. Tutti Frutti leaves you feeling happy, energized, confident, and high on life. Whether its dancing in your kitchen, climbing a mountain, or just laughing for ages with your friends, Tutti Fruitty can give you everything you need with just a snap of your fingers.