Weed Me: Great cannabis, better prices

Weed Me: Great cannabis, better prices

Admin KiaroDec 8, '21

“We don’t want to sell a product that we won’t enjoy using ourselves.”

That’s the battle cry of the founders of Ontario LP, Weed Me. And it’s the mantra the Weed Me team keeps in mind when testing new cannabis products and making decisions. For them, the customer experience is everything.

And if you’ve tried any of their premium, limited-batch flower, edible or vape products, you know it’s a mantra that’s paid off. 

“Each and every product we sell has to be tested by our team, and if we don’t like it, it will not see the light of day,” remarked Marina Gorin, Weed Me’s retail relations manager. “We look at everything: packaging, aroma, smoothness, effects, look and feel, and more. To be launched, the product has to be great.”

To create these great products, Weed Me works in partnership with a number of small, boutique growers across Canada, along with growing in their own 20,000 sq. ft. cultivation facility. This strong collection of like-minded and passionate growers puts Weed Me in an interesting—and unique—position to be constantly evolving, said Gorin. 

“Being a privately owned company, we knew it would be hard to compete with giants to catch the cannabis consumer’s eye, so we set out to focus on the product,” she continued. 

And it’s working. Weed Me offers predominately smokables and have been receiving positive feedback from cannabis retailers nationwide. In fact, they were the No.1 pre-roll brand in British Columbia. A big deal for a privately owned LP from Ontario. 

“It doesn’t happen overnight,” commented Gorin. “But we’re happy consumers notice our efforts.”

It may not have happened overnight, but the recognition isn’t surprising. In addition to cultivation practices that lend themselves to developing top-tier cannabis that’s consistent in THC, CBD and terpene profiles, Weed Me has a genetics library of more than 150 cultivars from some of the best cannabis breeders throughout Canada and Europe. 

An archive of cannabis genetics, a passion for weed, and a drive to constantly innovate and push the cannabis industry forward—that’s Weed Me. But to truly understand the brand, you gotta try it. 

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