Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

Admin KiaroJun 18, '21

We’re not selling your daddy’s grass anymore.

Today, modern science and consumer behaviour combine with old-school strains to inspire a whole spectrum of cannabis products to suit the needs of any consumer—including your father figure. From heavy-hitting flower, to beer-like drinks, to lotions that ease sore muscles, our Father’s Day gift guide has a little something for all the unique dads out there. 

For the Dad who loves adventure: If the father figure in your life lives for a trek through the mountains, or a killer kayaking session, he needs the convenience of Sundial’s Daydream Full Spectrum 510 Vape. This potent, sativa hybrid is full of cannabinoids and terpenes for an uplift that will fuel adventure.

For the Dad who loves wellness: If your dad—or dads— are determined to live their best lives, Medipharm Labs’ CBD25 oil offers pharmaceutical-grade CBD, with just a hint (1 mg) of THC. High quality medicinal cannabis in a familiar capsule format, what more can a health-oriented dad ask for? 

For the Dad who loves beer: Mollo 5. Full stop. Known as Canada’s first cannabis beer, Mollo 5 offers the crisp flavour of a light lager with its classic ingredients of hops, malt and barley—just without the alcohol. With a modest balance of 5 mg THC and 5 mg CBD, and only 30 calories a bottle, this beverage is bound to please the beer-loving dads out there. 

For the Dad who loves to work with his hands: Wildflower’s Relief Stick offers a high concentration of CBD to soothe stubborn aches and pains. Apply directly to the skin for all the benefits of hydrating butters, arnica and 205 mg of CBD. Perfect for those fathers who dedicate their Sundays to yardwork, or the dads who spend hours on the golf course. 

For the Dad who loves cannabis: If your dad is a seasoned pioneer when it comes to cannabis, chances are he’ll appreciate the potency and terpene profile of Natural History’s LA Kush Cake Reserve. This indica-leaning strain is a fan favourite with its sweet pastry icing fragrance and unreal bag appeal. This heavy hitting smoke will leave your father impressed, and maybe even a little nostalgic. 

Celebrate the dads in your life—get your order in today!

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