Tuesday Night Weed with Good Supply

Tuesday Night Weed with Good Supply

Admin KiaroMay 2, '22

It’s Tuesday night and you’re finally home after a long day of work. It’s time to light up and you need something good and simple—and that’s exactly what Good Supply does. 

“We are Tuesday night weed,” said Michelle Morin, brand manager of Good Supply. “We aren’t top-shelf or for special occasions. Our cannabis is meant to be enjoyed regularly.”

But don’t let the no-frills packaging and down-to-earth approach fool you. Good Supply still grows really, really good weed. 

In a market crowded with brands reaching for top-shelf pricing, Good Supply is a breath of fresh air that aims to give you a familiar experience. They know that just because cannabis is mainstream now doesn’t mean it needs to be reinvented. 

So Good Supply sticks to what works, and what works is understanding they’re a cannabis brand. And people love cannabis. 

“We don’t want to shy away from the important role that cannabis plays in so many people’s lives,” said Morin. “We want to celebrate the plant and invite people to engage with it.”

And it’s the engagement that truly matters to Good Supply. Lighting up with their flower or one of their pre-rolls provides a moment of escapism that allows consumers to connect with the good in their day. (After all, it’s in the name.) 

Good Supply makes cannabis products for everyone—from the longtime smoker lighting up an immaculately rolled joint, to the first-time user learning to pack a bowl. Accessibility to the products is just as important as the quality of the products because Good Supply cannabis is for everyone. 

And the commitment to quality shows in their products, in the high of the cannabis flower, the steady, even burn of their pre-rolls, and the delicious flavors of the vape cartridges. 

When you need good quality at a really good price, you’ll find it with Good Supply.