The Science of Flavour with -ness

The Science of Flavour with -ness

Owen ReaderFeb 16, '22

If there’s one thing you should bring to a dispensary visit, it’s openminded-ness. There are a lot of choices in cannabis, but with an open mind, the world is yours to explore. 

Exploration is at the heart of what -ness is about. From exploring new ways to create stronger flavours and aromas in their flower, to helping you explore different strains, -ness makes it easy to venture into the wonderful world of cannabis. 

Take their packaging, for example. Not only does -ness tell you the THC and CBD content of your weed, they also include the terpene profile. 

Terpenes are important chemical compounds for your high experience; not quite as essential as THC or CBD, but up there. Since each terpene has a unique effect, understanding what terpenes you like helps you better customize your experience. 

You’re most likely to notice terpenes when you take a deep sniff of your favourite strain—the terpene profile helps determine the aroma and flavors of your cannabis.

But of course, at -ness, nothing is left to chance. Remember what we said about exploring ways to make stronger flavours? The growers at -ness are doing just this by pheno-hunting

Let’s get scientific for a minute. When two cannabis plants are crossed, the female plant produces many seeds. Each of these seeds expresses the combined traits of the plant in slightly different ways, each variation called a phenotype. 

Pheno-hunting is the process of sorting through these seeds to find the best ones. The growers are looking for traits like bigger crystals, heavier flowers or stronger flavors. The end result is a strain with shiny buds, an irresistible aroma and a unique experience. 

Of course, all this testing may seem like a hypothesis to you, in which case, it’s time to put the science to the test. Next time you’re in Kiaro, as one of our experts about -ness flower, pre-rolls, or vape cartridges, and see for yourself how delicious innovation can be.