The ritual and beauty of cannabis with Broken Coast

The ritual and beauty of cannabis with Broken Coast

Admin KiaroFeb 24, '22

When it comes to cannabis, Broken Coast doesn’t mess around. 

Sure, they have fun with their strain names like Frost Monster and Muskmelon OG. And, of course, they want everyone to have a good time smoking their bud.

But crafting small-batch, high-quality cannabis is serious business. 

“We would rather not sell than sell the wrong product,” said Kyle Asselstine, Broken Coast’s Brand Manager. “We don’t compromise on the quality of our products.” 

It’s this guiding principle that Broken Coast has followed since Day 1, as they seek to elevate the industry by constantly pushing the bar on cannabis flower and extract quality. And as one of the oldest legal cultivators in Canada, Broken Coast knows a thing or two about quality cannabis. 

What started as three small warehouses in British Columbia quickly grew into Canada’s Top Craft Cannabis brand in 2020. Broken Coast focuses on the consumer experience by focusing on the plant’s needs. 

This is done through what Asselstine describes as “bespoke growing conditions,” where each strain is lovingly housed in its own small-batch rooms. Everything in these rooms, from the lighting and water to the temperature and humidity, is customized to ensure each plant gets exactly what it needs.

“Our growers give each strain the love it deserves to bring out the best in each batch,” said Asselstine.

And all of this love and effort is for one moment—the moment when you first open your bag of Broken Coast flower and breathe it in. The excitement, the anticipation, the ritual of grinding and rolling a joint—all of it adds up to an incomparable experience. 

It’s this tradition of enjoying beautiful cannabis that keeps Broken Coast pushing forward with their cultivation practices. Well, that and their head grower Kevin Anderson, who was named Canada’s 2019  “master grower.”

To Asselstine, the awards are nice, but aren't nearly as important as customer reviews and feedback. His true measure of success is hearing from consumers—like you!—who use their products on the daily.

A brand that cares more for its customers than industry awards? That’s a stance we can get behind.