The perfect joint in 4 easy steps

The perfect joint in 4 easy steps

Admin KiaroSep 3, '21

For many of us—myself included—our first experience with weed happened with a joint. Holding a perfectly rolled jay can send many of us on a trip down memory lane. More than that though, joints are uber-convenient and classic. 

Rolling the perfect joint is an art. One that few new or casual smokers have mastered. For many, no one took the time to teach us how to roll a proper blunt. 

Alas! Kiaro has the answer. Here are four steps to rolling the perfect joint. 

(And remember, if all else fails: buy pre-rolls!)

Step 1: Grind it
Gone are the days of picking apart cannabis by hand. Instead, use a grinder to break up your fresh, dried flower. A quality grinder quickly breaks up buds into smaller bits that you can pour into the rolling paper. Be careful not to grind too much—too much powder and dust in your joint will make it more difficult to pull from. 

Step 2: Don’t be caught unprepared
A perfect blunt can’t be rushed, so make sure you have everything ready before you begin to roll. Grab your rolling papers and a filter—you can tear a piece off of a business card if your paper pack didn’t come with filters. Filters keep your fingers and mouth safe from burning, as well as keep you from a mouthful of ground cannabis. 

Holding your paper glue side up, line up the filter on one end of the paper (or add the filter later, you do you). Sprinkle the fresh ground flower evenly over the crease of the paper. You’ll want the flower to take up a little more than half the width of the paper. Leave a little room at the non-filtered end so you and twist the blunt shut. 

Step 3: Tuck and roll
Before you start the roll, shape the joint a little bit by massaging the rolling paper between your thumb and index finger. Once you’ve shaped a little tube, begin to roll. Be confident. Once you’ve got the roll, tuck one side of paper around the tube so the cannabis is completely covered. Lick the other side of the paper, roll the blunt shut and twist the non-filtered end.

Step 4: Light up!
Now it’s time to celebrate your good work. Light your joint up and enjoy!

Keep in mind, practice makes perfect when it comes to rolling the perfect joint. So keep at it. And always remember, you can drop by Kiaro for fun and convenient pre-rolls. 

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