The High Bar

The High Bar

Admin KiaroJul 21, '21

Cheers from The High Bar. 

Kiaro’s latest in-store experience features the most refreshing of all cannabis products: beverages. What’s on tap? We’re glad you asked. 

We’ve waxed poetic about our collection of canna-beverages—see this post on Pot Girl Summer for evidence—and now we’re bringing that excitement in store. Each Kiaro location is ready for customers to experience the High Bar: a variety of cannabis drinks that offer every style and flavour imaginable. 

Discover your new favourite happy hour bevvy with help from our team’s recommendations, explore our suggestions for perfect pairings, and let us show you why drinking your weed is a refreshing and familiar way to elevate your cannabis journey. Pssst—here are a few more reasons to try a canna drink, just in case you’re not fully convinced:

  • Onset time of about 30 minutes
  • No hangover
  • Dosed according to bottle size, so you can have a full drink—or a few!—each time you sip
  • Refreshingly tasty, with flavours to suit fussy taste buds
  • Low calorie

Did we mention no hangover?

Dip your toe into our High Bar experience with our Spotlight Sip. Each week, Kiaro locations will select a drink that will reflect and elevate the weather and events for each community. A festival near Riversdale? We got you. Pristine hiking conditions near Nanaimo? There’s a drink for that. 

In BC, our High Bar keeps a fully stocked fridge, so customers can get their high chilled. And Saskatchewan, fridges are coming your way, so keep an eye out for frosty beverages. 

Cheers from all of us at Kiaro!