The Grass is Greener in 2022

The Grass is Greener in 2022

Admin KiaroJan 13, '22

Here at Kiaro, we want to start the year off in a big, classic way. ‘Cause we’re looking for Greener Grass in 2022. 

Our shelves are lined with hundreds of cannabis products and formats to meet the needs of our customers. For weed newcomers, we have chocolates and gummies to replace your sweet treats, and a collection of beverages in our High Bar that elevate your happy hour. 

And flower. Fragrant, frosty cannabis flower that’s timeless and ideal for canna-novices. 

The problem? Whole and milled bud can be intimidating to rookies. But it doesn’t have to be. Our Kiaro Pathfinders are trained and ready to help customers learn more about how to use and source the right cannabis strains for them—just book an Ask Kiaro Anything session at your local shop. 

Until then, here are a few fun flower facts:

There’s more than one way to smoke bud. Joints and blunts are very common and the process of grinding and rolling cannabis often becomes part of the whole experience. Pipes are easy and discreet, while bongs require a tiny bit more fuss as well as cultural flair. 

Vaporizers have become more popular in recent years. Instead of using combustion like the aforementioned methods, vapes gently heat the cannabis to activate the cannabinoids (like THC and CBD). Vaping is thought to be easier on the lungs than smoking. 

If you want fast action, flower is the one. Cannabis smoke and vapor delivers cannabinoids directly to the lungs, where it passes into the bloodstream. Once there, the cannabinoids travel throughout the body. This is fast-acting, with an onset range from seconds to a few minutes. 

Each strain comes with its own profile, like wine. There’s no mistaking the unique fragrance of cannabis flower, but did you know that aroma comes from compounds called terpenes? The plant contains more than 150 terpenes, and mix and match together to give each strains distinctive taste and flavour profiles. We’re talking spicy, sour, gassy, earthy, fruity, sweet, tropical—all you need to do is pick your favourite!

Want to learn about cannabis flower? Book a free Ask Kiaro Anything session with one of our Pathfinders!