Sharing Never Tasted So Good

Sharing Never Tasted So Good

Admin KiaroDec 7, '20

Some prefer to inhale it. Some prefer to drop it under their tongue. But you have to agree that there’s just something so fun, youthful and delicious about eating cannabis. Chocolates, gummies, brownies, and drinks—no matter your poison, there’s a little something for everyone. 

But the history of ingestibles goes back further than pretty little fruit-flavoured gummies. Throughout history, and spanning the world over, cannabis has been eaten or drank for a number of purposes. Dating back as far as 2,000 B.C. India, cannabis—or Bhang as it was traditionally known—was eaten or drank for various medical and spiritual reasons

Or in China in the late 2nd century, Hua Tuo, a physician and surgeon, fed his patients a concoction of wine and hemp as a method of general anesthesia. 

While historically, cannabis ingestibles were mixed in drinks or rolled into balls, modern edibles come in a variety of formats. Ingesting comes naturally—who doesn’t know how to eat or drink? The trickiest part of edibles is finding the correct dosing for you. While edibles come with dosing instructions, remember the golden rule: Start low and go slow. 

That goes for avid cannabis smokers and vapers too. There are differences in the psychoactive effects of cannabis when inhaled versus when ingested. So regardless of where you are on your cannabis journey, err on the low-THC side of things when taking your first steps into the world of edibles. 

But don’t let the low and slow pace scare you off. Here are some reasons to give edibles a whirl:

You don’t need to smoke it. I’m stating the obvious, but eating cannabis is not nearly as hard on the respiratory system as . So for those looking to avoid inhaling—or those who can’t smoke because of a pre-existing condition—edibles are the perfect (and yummy!) solution. 

The experience lasts longer. Edibles do take longer to produce a reaction because of the digestive process (typically between 45 minutes to two hours) and last anywhere from four hours to seven hours. 

It’s discreet. An edible can be popped into your mouth just as quickly and easily as a piece of candy or a cough drop. And even though it may be tempting to throw a package of gummies in a backpack or a purse, we recommend you lock up your goodies to keep nosy kids and pets safe. 

Cannabis edibles add their own little twist on an elevated cannabis journey, and it’s one worth trying, whether you are just starting your experience or an avid enthusiast. To start exploring, we recommend Chowie Wowie for a fresh, yummy and consistent experience. The Watermelon Gummies with 2.5 mg of THC per soft chew is a great way to celebrate any occasion—or just a Friday night. 

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