Sundial Cannabis: strains to suit every mood

Sundial Cannabis: strains to suit every mood

Admin KiaroApr 13, '21

Tucked amongst the open fields of Olds, Alberta, is another kind of crop. Olds is home to Sundial Cannabis, a licensed producer whose commitment to pure cannabis strains keeps their products flying off our shelves. 

The location of Sundial—a farming community—is integral to their growing practice. Farming culture is steeped in strong roots and perfected horticultural procedures—and so is Sundial. Their growers nurture their plants by creating an environment that enables each strain to thrive. That doesn’t only mean monitoring lighting, moisture, nutrients and more, but it means spending time checking each individual plant on the daily. Because the more they know about their plants, the more they can make sure they are providing customers with the most consistent cannabis possible. 

Perhaps what stands out most about Sundial products is the select list of strains that are offered. Each is thoughtfully chosen based on the nuanced and elevated experience it offers consumers. In fact, if they want, customers can choose from a line up of experiences with easy-to-shop strain specific options in each Series. The Sundial collection includes:

EASE The EASE series is made up of CBD rich products, inspiring the best version of you.

LIFT The LIFT series features sativa-dominant strains, with the intention of providing customers with an uplifting experience. 

CALM The Sundial CALM series showcases indica-dominant varieties, with mid- to high-THC levels, for those who want to melt into their experience. 

FLOW The FLOW series is all about balance. These sativa-dominant strains have terpene profiles that are citrus-y and pine-y on the nose, meant to inspire.

SPARK The SPARK series leaves customers desiring closeness and intimacy - Coming soon!

 For a cannabis experience that’s just as unique as you are, Sundial Cannabis is the producer for you.

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