Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Owen ReaderMar 3, '21

Springtime is upon us. And you know what that means: birds singing, bumblebees buzzing and flowers blooming. 

But this Spring at Kiaro, our premium cannabis flowers are front and centre.

We pride ourselves on creating unforgettable cannabis experiences, and part of that is ensuring we provide our customers with amazing products. Consumers are more concerned than ever with the quality of their cannabis flower (and of all their cannabis products, really). Our customers, whether they are curious about cannabis or sophisticated enthusiasts, want to know what it takes to grow premium weed and also how to choose premium weed. 

So, what’s considered premium flower?

Ultimately, the difference between bottom-shelf, mids and premium cannabis comes down to the following: look, aroma, flavour, experience and effects. 

As the name suggests, premium cannabis flower is a tier of high-quality cannabis flower. The journey to become a premium flower begins as a seed, is nurtured through the cultivation and harvest process, right through to packaging. Premium-grade flower tends to be colourful—not dull— and may be covered in trichomes (small, crystal-like filaments that cover a bud). The buds are spongy in texture and a bit sticky to touch. Premium flower can boast high-levels of THC, but are also known for their terpene profiles. The flavour and fragrance of the flower will vary from earthy, to fruity, to gassy. In cannabis, the more aroma and flavour, the more impressive. 

Premium quality translates into extracts too. High-grade cultivars from brands like 48North, Marley Natural and Sundial are expertly extracted to provide top-shelf concentrates and vape cartridges.  

This Spring, Kiaro is honouring premium flower by showcasing the top-shelf cannabis products from Marley Natural, 48North and Sundial Cannabis. We’ll shine a spotlight on each brand over the course of the season—but here’s a sneak peek into what makes these growers standout. 

From Calm, to Spark, and everything in between, Sundial Cannabis puts the customer in the driver’s seat. Enthusiasts can choose their desired experience when they select Sundial’s premium cannabis products. Based in the heart of Alberta, this Canadian LP combines farming techniques with innovative cultivation practices. The result: a top-shelf selection of strains that offer consistent experiences. 

At 48North, they have you covered for any moment and every moment. And what more can a consumer ask for?! This grower routinely releases organic cannabis flower that packs a punch. With a focus on sustainability, 48 North offers a premium cannabis experience that's good for the planet. 

We can’t talk high-grade cannabis without mentioning the fine herb from Marley Natural. Masterfully cultivated by independent growers, these premium cannabis flower products are tried-and-true favourites thanks to their enticing terpene profiles and variety of THC points. Like an artist, the cultivation experts grow their cannabis mindfully, with sustainability and happiness in mind. 

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