Spring Buds: 4 Facts About the Cannabis Plant

Spring Buds: 4 Facts About the Cannabis Plant

Admin KiaroMar 31, '22

The return of spring has us thinking about flowers, gardens, and blooming buds—cannabis buds, that is. 

Cannabis is a persnickety plant to grow, which makes us appreciate the talent of the incredible growers who keep our shelves stocked with beautiful, sticky flower. 

You don’t have to plant cannabis to get the best quality buds (you have us for that!) but you can still enjoy these four facts you may not know about the plant: 

  1. Cannabis is an annual, not a perennial. Once cannabis has been planted, it goes through one lifecycle before dying off. Unlike perennials, like tulips, that can grow year after year from the same bulb. 

  2. Cannabis has four stages in its lifecycle: germination, seedling, vegetative and flowering. It can take as little as three months, or as many as eight months, to get through all of the stages to harvest the plant. 

  3. Cannabis plants can flower in one of two ways: autoflower or photoperiodic. Photoperiodic plants require specific light cycles to move from the vegetative into the flowering stage while autoflowers do not. 

  4. Only female plants grow buds that we can smoke and turn into other cannabis products. Male plants only produce pollen sacks and are not preferred, because they can make the female cannabis buds full of seeds.