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Hey team! Arthur here, and I’m back again with another Brand Spotlight video to help support you with some in depth product knowledge. Today we will be talking about a company that puts craft first, BC Black.

BC Black is a unique company putting legacy growers and their exotic strains first. While many different licensed producers foster passion and hard work, BC Black is an LP committed to bringing the best craft cannabis BC has to offer to the legal market. Standing behind legacy growers with over 20 years of experience, the strains you’ll find under BC Black’s menu board will blow you away. If you're looking for something unique, potent, and made with love, then you're safe to bet it all on Black. 

We’ve hand selected a few strains from different growers under BC Blacks roster, giving you a great foundation for exploration. 

First up we have the Triple OG by Living Cannabis. This proudly Indigenous cultivator is nestled in the Northern Okanagan, and is home to Master Grower Mike Roy who has 22 years of experience. This sustainable growery is known for its 40 year fine tuned living soil and high potency product. Recognised for providing their high quality product to the Compassion Club, Living Cannabis does an initial 14 day cure, hand trims the product, and then ends its process with an additional 10 day post trim cure. As for the strain itself, Triple OG is bred by Exotic Getetix, and hails from 3 iconic parents, Triangle Kush, Master Yoda, and Constantine Kush. This heavy indica carries classic scents of pine, earth, and skunk, leaving you feeling relaxed and happy.

Next up we have the San Bacio Gelato by Stone Grove. Home to Master Grower Scott  , Scott comes with 21 years of growing experience and a whole lot of passion. Scott approaches cannabis from a boutique perspective,  which is proving to be just as popular on the legal market as it was on the legacy. Their cannabis is grown soilless in Pro Mix, and is hand watered. They use a slow drying method and hand trim all of their bud, ensuring you get consistent batches every time. This team is working on bringing some very exciting genetics into their wheel house so definitely keep an eye out. 

Now this strain is a special one. Made by crossing the infamous Bacio Gelato with the 3 Kings Blueberry Headband, this unique and hard to find flower will leave you with a heady buzz and a mellow vibe. Boasting notes of powerful cinnamon and black pepper, this complex bud is sure to satisfy.

Also by Stone Grove we have their Grape Sunset flower. This bud has a little bit more mystery behind it with no confirmed lineage, but its bred by the wonderful people of Ethos Genetics, so you can be sure this flower doesn’t disappoint. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Ethos has birthed iconic strains such as Mandarin Sunset, Lilac Diesel, and Citral Flo. This potent strain leans towards the indica side and has a mighty fine nose on it. You can expect to get hints of mango, earth, spice, and honey, 

Moving through to my personal fave, the Krazy Krystal Lava Cake. Deon Gibson is the magic maker behind this strain, and he has more than just 16 years of growing experience under his belt, its in his blood. Deons Dad, Doug Gibson, was growing the ultimate cannabis for more than 50 years in the legacy market, which explains why Deon has so much love for the plant and intuition like no other. Krazy Krystal is putting out some of the highest yields any Micro Cultivar has seen, and we’re nothing short of impressed. Krazy Krystal uses soil beds, and has a hand trimmed process with a 10 day cold cure, making Lava Cake a real hot commodity. 

Made by crossing Thin Mint GSC and Grape Pie, we have Cannarado Genetics to thank for this sweet plant. Producing dense and cakey buds with a sweet but citrusy nose, this strain carries a beautiful headiness rounded out by a strong body lock sensation. This strain is definitely geared for the more seasoned smoker so just remember to start slow.

  ’ & Pineapple Upside-down Cake is our next delectable stop. Pineapple Buds is home to the dynamic duo Laine Keyes and Kyra Horvath who go way back. Together they have 25 years of growing experience and balance each other out wonderfully. Laine’s impeccable attention to detail and Krya’s impressive patience allow for this team to produce some of the healthiest plants on the market. Growing in deep water culture, Pineapple Buds practices a 10-day hang dry cold cure with a hand trim, finished by another 10-day post-trim cure. A truly unique genetic, the Pineapple Upside-down Cake is made by crossing Pineapple Trainwreck and Cookie Monster. Two heavy hitters, this grande idea was bred by Humboldt Seed Co, a top-notch standard for genetics. This flower will come with strong scents of tropical fruit and cake frosting with a hint of spice.

Last but not least, we have the Black Truffle by PureFire! Fronted by their grower Cody Lewis, Cody has 7 years of formal growing experience and founded PureFire so he could bring legacy genetics to the legal market. Mentored by his dad Bill, Their in house genetics come from strains that were bumping in the 90’s, giving them all a fresh new take within the new market! Grown in organic soil, PureFire does a 2-week hang dry and hand trim, followed by another 2-3 week cold cure. Black Truffle has its genetics under wraps, but much like the name suggests you can expect nothing but a decadent experience. With notes of sweetness and spicy coffee, this complex strain will push you into your connoisseur role as you try and unravel its complexity.

Well, that wraps up our brand spotlight! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your cannabis exploration journey, and I’ll see you again soon!