Pre-Roll Spotlight - MTL Cannabis & Highland Grow

Pre-Roll Spotlight - MTL Cannabis & Highland Grow

Admin KiaroOct 20, '22

Arthur here, and I’m back again with another Brand Spotlight video to help support you with some in depth product knowledge. Today we will be talking about 2 companies that hit all the marks for you pre-roll connoisseurs, MTL Cannabis and Highland Grow.

Just a heads up, all pre rolls that we’re featuring are going to come in a package of 3 x 0.5 gram rolls.

First up we have MTL Cannabis. Founded by Rich and Mitch, MTL is a company committed to bringing you potent and consistent products every single time. MTL’s values are based on positivity, consistency, feed back, quality genetics, and enjoying the ride. This ensures trust between them and their consumers, allowing for people to purchase with ease, and without any worry. 

The first of three pre rolls from MTL is the Strawberry N’ Mintz. Made by crossing Strawberry Guava and Kush Mints, this strain is 75% Sativa and 25% Indica. These fruity little numbers give off a sweet aroma of berries, and a minty slightly earthy exhale. If you’re looking for a day dreamy high these will do the trick!

Sage N’ Sour is next up on our list, and if you’re in need of an energy kick then look no further! Made by crossing Sour Diesel with S.A.G.E. or Sweet Afghani Genetic Equilibrium, this strain is 75% Sativa and 25% Indica.  Boasting notes of diesel, pepper, cedar and lime, this strain promises a strong head high with a boost of energy. 

Our last MTL pre roll is the Cookies N’ Cream! Made by crossing the very popular Starfighter and an Unknown phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies, you can expect to feel uplifted and relaxed. With notes of sweet hazelnut, tang, and a floral finish, this strain is perfect for a good comedy movie!

Moving onto our next company, its Highland Grow! Nestled on the rugged coastline of the Atlantic Ocean in Antigonish Nova Scotia, you’ll find high potency, premium cannabis flowing out of their facility! Using state of the art indoor technology for their cannabis, Highland Grow has managed to make a name for themselves and the East Coast in homes all across Canada. Nova Scotia only holds 36 out of 800 plus Canadian Licensed producers, and out of those 800 Highland Grow has certainly earned a spot in the top! Delivering consistency and precision with every product sent out, Highland Grow never disappoints. 

Diving into our first of 5 pre rolls, we have the Leviathan. Now this sea monster of a strain was born by crossing Kraken and Garlic Breath. With the buds forming into twisted kolas and frosted with dense trichomes, the growers knew they had created something big! With pungent notes of spice and aged citrus, these indica pre rolls aren’t for the faint of heart. Coming in as high as 31% THC, these pre rolls are rated for seasoned or expert consumers.

Next up is Frostbite! A pungent sativa pre roll sure to kick your day into gear, is made by crossing the classic Jack Frost and Snake Bite strains. Frostbite provides a smooth euphoria, leaving you feeling happy and energized. On the nose this strain is dank with notes of cinnamon and spice. Once again these sativa pre rolls are coming in as high as 30% THC, and should be handled by a certified OG toker. 

White Lightening is up on our list next and she’s a real shocker. Bred by crossing the potent Hindu and cult classic Northern Lights, you can expect heavy sedation with this stormy bud. With bright orange hairs and a gassy earthy aroma, White Lightening will leave your body feeling airy and light, you mind elevated and your smile wide. If you aren’t used to indica’s take it easy on this one, you might fall asleep faster than you intend to!

Diamond Breath is a powerful flower packing a punch! This beautifully balanced 50/50 hybrid is made by crossing heavy hitters Black Diamond and Sour Breath. You can expect to feel relaxed, with a touch of brain buzz and euphoria, Diamond Breath is perfect for bingeing your fave tv show and cooking something creative. With a complex aroma of earth and sour fruit, this is an excellent strain if you’re looking to try something unique.

 Last but not least we have Gas Tank! Now these special rolls are for those of you who want a consistent base but like to change up the toppings. This bag of pre rolls rotates strains, but they all have one thing in common, gas! Some strains you’ll find in this bag are Pink Octane, El Jefe, Pink Mink, El Muerte, Pre98 and so many more. All these rolls will still come in in between 25-30%, so if you’re up for the challenge lets see if you can catch them all!

Well, that wraps up our brand spotlight video! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your cannabis exploration journey, and I’ll see you again soon!