Palmetto: Get high, have fun

Palmetto: Get high, have fun

Admin KiaroAug 18, '21

At Kiaro, we pride ourselves on helping to elevate the cannabis journey of our customers. Whether you’re a novice or a more seasoned enthusiast, our experts can offer a personalized, nuanced experience.

But some days, you just want to get high and have some fun. For those days, there’s Palmetto. 

Palmetto Cannabis exists for one reason: to spark moments of fun and creativity. In the words of Connor Young, the Director of Marketing for Sundial brands, the Palmetto brand doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

“We like good weed and trippy, fun (things). And we don’t think that’s a lot to ask for,” commented Young. 

Owned by Sundial Growers, Palmetto offers interesting cuts of quality genetics for top-tier—and hella potent—cannabis. All at a great price point. We’re talking iconic strains like GG#4, Headband and Chemdawg. Known as the Handy Cannabis brand, Palmetto serves up its cannabis in flower, pre-roll, vape cartridges and concentrates. 

Convenient and safe formats, perfect for customers who want cannabis that gets straight to the point. 

“Crucially, Palmetto sells weed like it’s weed,” said Young. “You smoke it. You get high. You have a good time. You get on with your life. What’s a terpene? Who (cares). Our favourite movie is the one that’s on. Our favourite time is whenever. And our favourite weed is that one, right there. Why? Because we’re always good to go.”

Novice customers and seasoned shoppers alike can expect Palmetto to drop some new and interesting products in 2021—like additional high-quality strains and formats. Until then, let your freak flag fly and have some fun!

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