Oh Canada! A Promising Future for Legalized Cannabis

Oh Canada! A Promising Future for Legalized Cannabis

Aaron KumarJun 28, '19

Happy Canada Day, friends! We at Kiaro are decked out in our finest red-and-white attire and indulging in maple cupcakes to commemorate our country’s birthday – after all, the cannabis industry has a lot to thank Canada for.

You see, Canada holds distinction as the first G7 country to legalize cannabis, which has allowed companies like Kiaro to step ahead of the global revolution. Thanks to the Cannabis Act, we’re able to provide premium, high-quality product in safe and welcoming retail spaces, all of which are staffed by well-informed consultants who share our vision of normalizing cannabis use and destabilizing the unregulated market.

There is still work to be done – the legalization of cannabis is a journey, not an event – but Canada is well on the way towards setting a shining example for other nations to follow. Though the Cannabis Act was passed in October 2018, sales of legal recreational cannabis are already expected to reach $4.3 billion in 2019. Even more mind-boggling: the Canadian government earned $186 million in tax revenue on cannabis sales in the first five months of legalization. Through it all, Kiaro remains committed to working with regulators and members of the community to prove that cannabis retailers can, and do, contribute to society in a positive, impactful and meaningful way.

As we toast to Canada’s birthday, we look towards an exciting next step in the journey towards legalization: in December, alternative products like drinks, edibles and topicals will be introduced to the regulated market. According to reports, these products – which provide Canadians with accessible and discreet options for consuming cannabis – have the potential to contribute $2.7 billion each year to the local economy. In the interim we have plenty of products that will help you infuse cannabis seamlessly and safely into home experiments (try the Levo II and Ardent Nova Lift for starters).

Though we’re looking forward to sunshine, barbecues and botanicals this Canada Day long weekend, Kiaro’s stores will stay open so valued clients like you can shop for products to amp up your celebrations. Happy Canada Day!