Napanee, we’re open!

Napanee, we’re open!

Admin KiaroJan 21, '22

Napanee, we’re about to be great buds. 

This week we opened the doors to our Napanee store. This is a huge milestone for Kiaro. Not only are we excited and proud to call this community home, but it’s our first step into Ontario as Kiaro! 

It’s been a goal for us to expand into Ontario. And we’re pleased to introduce ourselves. 

You can find us at 89 Jim Kimmett Blvd, Napanee, where we will add a whole new dimension to your cannabis shopping experience. We aim to elevate and illuminate your journey, with a knowledgeable team of experts and a clean, modern aesthetic. We let our collection of products and formats speak for themselves. 

We’ve got it all:
Bath bombs and skin care? Check. 
Gummies and chocolates? Check.
Fragrant flower and pre-rolls? Check.
Concentrates and extracts? Check. 
Accessories? You betcha.
A fully stocked High Bar loaded with canna-beverages? Hell yeah.

Come on by and start your Kiaro cannabis journey. 

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