Love and weed

Love and weed

Admin KiaroFeb 5, '21

Oh, Valentine’s Day. It’s a day for lovers, bitter ex-lovers, and those who are romantic at heart. Whatever your feelings on Valentine’s Day, and regardless of your relationship status, February 14th is a day for spreading love. For us at Kiaro, nothing pairs better with love than a little cannabis. 

Alcohol has been a mainstay in Valentine’s Day celebrations—and dating in general—for a long, long time. Whether you’re heading out for cocktails, or celebrating a milestone, booze’s role in love and dating has held strong over the years. Who hasn’t needed a little liquid courage before meeting a good-looking stranger for the first time? Right?


But with legalization and the continued rollout of new, familiar product formats, it was only a matter of time before cannabis scored a place in dating and love. Here are some ways to incorporate weed into your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Pop a bottle. A sparkling cannabis beverage fizzes and clinks just as well—or better!—than a bottle of sparkling wine. This year, toast your lover with a beverage that’s refreshing, bubbly and low calorie. Did we mention you won’t wake up with a hangover?

Candy man. A box of chocolates is a sweet gift for that equally sweet someone in your life—but why not take it up a notch? Whether your date has a penchant for gummy candies, milk chocolate, or a taste for fancy dark chocolate with sea salt—the gift of edibles is the Valentine’s token that keeps on giving. 

Bring a bouquet. Show your date how much you appreciate them with a bouquet of cannabis flowers. Not only will you two lovebirds be able to bond over trying new strains, or introducing each other to tried-and-true favourites, but you’ll be offering a V-Day bundle that isn’t going to wither away after a day or two. The only thing that will bloom from this flower arrangement will be your relationship.

Show yourself some self-love. If you find yourself single this Valentine’s Day—or can’t see your date because of pandemic living—celebrate all on your own with the Elevated Essentials Kit. This chic, modern and functional kit, a collaboration between Kiaro and Ohai, is the perfect gift to level up your cannabis journey while showing yourself some love. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!


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