Light up sultry summer nights with UP Cannabis

Light up sultry summer nights with UP Cannabis

Admin KiaroJun 23, '21

Quality cannabis products aside, what’s truly remarkable about UP Cannabis is how intently they listen to Canadian consumers. ad

The unabashed truth is the first thing customers see when they visit the UP website. The fearless brand admits legal cannabis initially missed the mark when it came to consumer needs. UP took customer feedback and adjusted their approach to market—returning at the end of 2020 with a commitment to delivering fresh, potent, high-quality flower to Canadians. 

“... We took some time to just stop and listen to what folks were saying about legal weed, and what they wish was better,” said Jordan Smith, UP’s VP of product. “This is the core reason why potency, freshness and quality are at the heart of all UP cultivation and post-harvest care. On top of that, we feel it’s a great value considering the high quality of our bud.”

A brand that listens and acts on its customers feedback is appreciated for numerous reasons. But for us at Kiaro, we admire a brand that demonstrates loyalty to its customers, as well as dedicates itself to the plant in a way that is meaningful. 

“The UP experience is all about delivering what a huge segment of consumers told us they wanted—potency and freshness,” remarked Smith. “We select high-quality genetics that allow us to hit the mark on high potency every harvest, while also maintaining fresh packed-on dates.”

The result: the flower on Kiaro store shelves is UP’s best possible expression of quality—regardless of how you feel about potency. 

“One thing everyone should know about UP flower—it absolutely reeks out of the bag and packs some powerful terpene aromas to go along with the high-THC profile,” said Smith.

Smith alluded that customers can expect exciting new things from UP, but until then, to enjoy fresh, potent bud at a great value price point. 

Now, that’s the kind of customer loyalty and dedication to product we can get behind. 

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