Let’s go green this holiday season

Let’s go green this holiday season

Admin KiaroDec 23, '20

The holidays are filled with traditions. Days and evenings are spent indulging in culinary delights, overly competitive family board games, wintery walks, and often, opening up a bottle of wine or mixing up a seasonal cocktail. This year’s traditions are shaping up to look a little different (Hello 2020!) and may we suggest—a little green.

As data from Statistics Canada indicates, 2020 has been the year Canadians reached for cannabis. What offers comfort and warmth during a year of downtime and restrictions? Weed. Let’s bring that same green and warmth to the traditions of the holiday season.


With its variety of form factors and aromatic terpene profiles, cannabis can bring your celebrations to a whole new level this December. No matter your holiday style, Kiaro has you covered.


Instead of champagne, reach for a cannabis beverage. Want the experience of toasting in the new year without the next day hangover? A cannabis beverage, like this one, brings all the bubbles and uplift, so you can celebrate in a way that feels familiar. The twist: there’s no headache and it’s low calorie. Pour the beverage of your choice into a champagne flute with a few cranberries to amp up the festive feel.


Post-feast high hike. Enhance a walk in the great outdoors by incorporating cannabis. Sativa and sativa-dominant strains are known for being more energizing, and perfect for spicing up a wander through a local park. Grab your toque and pre-roll and get ready to deepen your connection with the great outdoors.


For the holiday movie marathoner. Nothing says relaxed holiday nights like an evening snuggled up on the couch, surrounded by snacks, with a collection of movies lined up. Whether you prefer an edible, a spray, or flower, cannabis can bring a chill night at home to the next level.


If there’s ever been a time to incorporate new traditions into your holiday routine, it’s this year. So, for 2020, let’s green up December and reach for a cannabis product instead of that glass of spiked eggnog. And if you’re looking for a way to get started, we recommend the Elevated Essentials Kit, our collaboration with Ohai. Just add weed and you’ll be ready for whatever the holidays throws at you.


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