Lamplighter Spotlight

Lamplighter Spotlight

Admin KiaroNov 9, '22

Today we will be talking about a company that puts flavour and smooth sailing first, Lamplighter.

Lamplighter is a company that is cartridge focused. They provide all levels of consumers with accessibility to flavourful distillate that’s smooth and sweet with every pull. Using a double distillation process for their cannabis, Lamplighter guarantees the highest achieved purity. Couple that with their  intensely premium and hand crafted flavours, well you just can’t lose. 

Now you may be thinking, “Arthur, what makes Lamplighter carts different from any other flavoured distillate?”. Well I’m glad you asked, see Lamplighter pushes the boundaries of flavour when it comes to their carts. When everyone on the market turns to citrus, menthol, and berry , Lamplighter pivots to food, flavours that feel as familiar as your favourite dessert.  

By using the highest quality of food grade terpenes,

Lamplighter has curated a gorgeous 6 cartridge selection with flavours for every mood, so let's jump in.

Now its important to note that all of these cartridges are a blend, not a hybrid. These cartridges are not a single strain concentrate, but instead a blend of multiple different plants used in the distillation process. This means that even though each cart has its own feeling, we won’t know their exact indica or sativa percentages. 

First up on our list is the Mint Chip! Now this cart really is a top favourite of mine because it’s just so unique. Whatever magic they’ve cooked up in their lab of theirs has worked! This cart comes with notes of sweet chocolate and mint, and has a very creamy coating on the mouth on the  inhale. It’s hard to believe but the cartridge really does come with the texture of ice cream! Mint Chip left me feeling uplifted and happy, and most of all, just straight cheesing the whole time. 

The next cart will take you back to your roots, its the Sassafras! With a spicy and sticky sweet smell, Sassafras pays homage to the iconic soda itself, Root Beer. This cartridge somehow manages to harness carbonation in its flavour., and honestly leaves you craving an ice cream float. When you smoke Sassafras you can expect to feel uplifted, relaxed, and like the problems of your world have washed away for good.

Lychee Bubble Tea sounds sweet and innocent but she does not play around. With inviting scents of candy and juicy Lychee, she lures you in and kicks off the high nice and easy. But don’t underestimate the day dreamy feeling, before you know it you’ll find yourself flying high in the clouds soaring over the peaks of euphoria. Make sure you set up a good snack and drink combo for this one, the munchies can come on strong with this one.

For those of you who favour the classics, the Lamplighter Vanilla has got you covered. With sweet and creamy notes, this cartridge carries the nostalgia of an old fashioned vanilla milkshake. You can expect a high that’s synonymous with a warm hug on a cold day. Best suited for a day in with funny movies and good company, the Vanilla will have you feeling like you’re cozied up infront of your stone fire place in a gorgeous wood cabin. 

If a vacation has been out of your grasp for a little while you might want to consider picking up the Pineapple Coconut Escape. This cart is basically a Pina Colada on the go and creates the illusion of a never ending beach day. Relaxing, giggly, and appetite inducing sum this tropical number up pretty well. It boasts powerful scents of sweet citrus and toasted coconut, allowing you to create your own vacation dream spot, no matter where you are. 

Tutti Frutti closes us out today, and woweee what a treat, Like something that was formulated in the Wonka Factory itself, this cartridge carries flavours of juicy plums, berries, and grapes. Giving you a little kick at the beginning, Tutti Fruitti will have you dancing the night away in your kitchen, singing at the top of your lungs with your friends, and maybe even talking about food for hours. Whatever it may be, its a high filled with joy, weightlessness, and wonder!

Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your cannabis exploration journey, and I’ll see you again soon!