Kiaro's New Elevated Essential Kit!

Kiaro's New Elevated Essential Kit!

Admin KiaroNov 30, '20

Whether you’re just starting your journey, or you’re an experienced consumer, the Elevated Essentials Kit is the perfect way to level up your cannabis experience. 

A collaboration between Kiaro and Ohai (check out their gorgeous accessories, seriously), this kit is perfect for anyone looking to incorporate their cannabis into their daily life with style and functionality. Not only are these accessories useful, but they're beautiful too. Each item in this kit has been carefully selected to enhance the consumption experience, while enabling consumers to elevate their cannabis journey in a way that is understated and mainstream

Here’s a glimpse at what’s inside:

Stash Bag

Keep your stash secure with this limited edition Kiaro x Ohai lockable stash bag. This functional pouch is odour resistant and made from vegan leather. It is the perfect, secure home for your Elevated Essentials and fine cannabis products

Storage Jar

Stay fresh as hell with this airtight child-proof jar to stash your cannabis. The lid is made of recycled plastic and the four-ounce glass jar is encased in a silicone sleeve to protect your cannabis products from light damage. 


Where function meets style. The Ohai logo grinder is composed of four pieces for you to mill, store and enjoy your most precious herbs. Limited edition, matte black, heavily weighted, dimpled metal, this gorgeous piece ensures a confident and smooth turn.  

Pre-rolled Cones

Ohai pre-rolled cones are made of all-natural, unrefined hemp paper and can hold a half gram of your favourite herb. 

Gold Joint Ring

Add a sprinkle of elegance to your new journey with this hands-free joint holder. This holder—which resembles a piece of artwork—was designed to keep your joint secure so you can enjoy every toke, from tip to tip. 

Ohai Essentials Mist

This refreshing everyday mist instantly elevates your mood and space. The terpene-inspired formula is made from all-natural essential oils that offer a citrus-forward aroma that is crisp and bright. 

The Kiaro Elevated Essentials Kit by Ohai is a tribute to the art of rolling and embracing the higher things in life. It’s for those who want to enhance the consumption experience while remaining connected to the plant. And it’s limited edition, so shop fast!

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