Kiaro brings Tantalus Labs exclusively to Saskatoon

ANNOUNCING: Kiaro gets exclusive sale of Tantalus products in Saskatoon

Deb RApr 22, '19

If ever a brand evoked high-flying deeds, this one is it. Tantalus Labs, “the Telsa of cannabis”.

Introducing SunLab¹


In Maple Ridge, British Columbia, SunLab¹ keystone facility is a 75,000 sq. ft. purpose built greenhouse, the first purpose-built cannabis cultivation facility in North America.

The use of natural full-spectrum sunlight reduces electricity requirements by up to 90 per cent compared to traditional indoor growing.

No Fluoride. No Chlorine. Cleaner than bottled water. Pure rainwater, collected, filtered, and dripline-fed to every plant.

Cooling the growing environment and preventing stagnant moisture, SunLab active air filtration allows for maximum airflow.



Sungrown BC Cannabis


In the spirit of bringing you the very best VIP treatment, Kiaro has partnered with Tantalus Labs to offer our Saskatoon market exclusive products. Here's what's in store for you, Saskatoon.

Tantalus Labs exclusive for Kiaro: Blue Dream, Harlequin, Skunk Haze, Serratus

Skunk Haze cannabis Tantalus Labs"You're looking at the frosted green tips of the Skunk Haze cola (also known as the flower). Slow cured at a low temperature to bring out the woodsy essence this BC classic is known for."

Serratus cannabis Tantalus Labs"The Serratus strain was named after Serratus Mountain – a jagged, ridge-like mountain between Mount Tantalus and Lake Lovely Water in beautiful British Columbia. It's high in THC and features an appropriately woodsy terpene profile."

Blue Dream Cannabis Tantalus Labs"Blue Dream has deep BC roots and grows strong at SunLab¹. Our take on this classic strain is high in THC and a terpene profile that brings a sweet blueberry syrup essence."

Tantalus Labs Harlequin cannabis"For the citrus lovers, our balanced Harlequin strain has notes of blood orange, grapefruit, and apple. Fresh, clean, and always quality."

For the exclusiveness, browse our selection of unique Tantalus Labs cannabis products that you won't find anywhere else in Saskatoon.