Kiaro Vancouver Artist Series

Kiaro Vancouver Artist Series

Ryan HirschAug 21, '19

Embrace an inspired way of living with Kiaro.
Cannabis offers an incredibly personal experience, one whose journey manifests uniquely in each individual. One person might wander down a quiet path of contemplation, while another hurtles into an exhilarating wonderland; another still might revel in cheerful relaxation. To celebrate the opening of Kiaro’s Kingsway store in Vancouver, we collaborated with local artists Carson Ting and Hanna Lee Joshi on a series of intriguing art pieces that share wildly divergent, yet equally beautiful, stories inspired by cannabis. 

Carson Ting 
Whether procrastinating during the creative process, worrying about a complex project or mulling over a life-changing decision, we all experience moments that leave us feeling stuck in a never-ending cycle of over-analysis. Inspired by late-night walks through downtown Vancouver, Carson Ting’s artwork celebrates the freedom of stepping outside the analytical mind to explore the humour and beauty of one’s surroundings. “We all have a tendency to overthink, but nothing happens until you set things in motion,” he explains.

Woven through a surreal mix of shoes, stairways and lightning bolts, Carson’s abstract piece suggests a simple solution to feeling trapped in tangled thoughts: let your mind wander. For Carson, this involves exploring the city and seeking inspiration from the sights and sounds of his surroundings; or simply sitting down with a dose of cannabis, and giving yourself permission to move forward. The answers are always there: you merely need to give yourself the space and freedom to find them.

Hanna Lee Joshi
Born from her lifelong battles with chronic pain, Hanna’s artwork explores the inner peace that arises when one achieves a focused state of mind. Hanna’s journey with pain began when she suffered a hip injury at six years old. Her piece incorporates soft shapes, a flowing sense of motion and calming colours to capture the intangible feeling of relief that comes with a lull in discomfort. “Pain infuses life with a hard edge: everything feels cold, distant and difficult,” she says. “For me, this art piece captures the freedom, joy and calm of living life without pain.”

Hanna’s respites from pain, supported by cannabis, give her the freedom to stay present in her life and to fully enjoy the peace and creativity that comes with clarity. Her work is a striking reminder that health is sublimely important, and that body and mind are inextricably linked.